Top 10 Best Bars in London

Top 10 bars in London

There are literally so many exquisite bars in London it’s very difficult to choose from; so many different types of bars would be very less for top 10 bars but a bar is something which has a vibe that is unique.

Let Us Look At Best Bars in London



This bar is one of the oldest bars which was built in the 19th century. This bar is Chinese styled bar where you really need to experience this once in your life. This bar is very difficult to find and is secretly hidden in Chinatown.

Not to boast about it, it’s the best cocktail bar in london, once you find the bar you won’t feel like leaving it. There are so many positive things about this bar it’s less to even talk about it. The location is difficult but it’s amazing. To try something innovative this bar could be the best choice out of all bars.

Location: Soho

2. Dirty Martini Hanover Square

Dirty martini Hanover square

This bar is sparkly with its interior and has an awesome layout. This makes the dirty martini bar the coolest of all bars for a drink. Its drinks and interior is one of the most attractive where it doesn’t disappoint people coming in the bar.

It’s unique features makes this bar the most unique one. They have a lot of different bars options for everyone. It’s location is easily found. The bar is very vibrant and suitable for all age groups.

Location: Central London

3. London Cocktail Club Goodge Street

London cocktail club Goodge Street

This bar is a publicly praised venue in Goodge Street which is adored by every London bar hopper. It has an awesome selection in bar menus with incisive cocktails. It is rated as one the best all round bars in the capital of London.

They have many positive points when it comes to bars. Many people recommend this bar after the tiring days or could be perfect for weekends.

Location: central London

4. Night Jar  

Night jar

The bar has the best vibes ever and staff is also very friendly and also A-1 quality of cocktails available in the bar. This bar is also very much crowded in the south west of London. It is one of the best speaking bars in London.

Each song in the bar is explicitly amazing that makes your hangout worthy. Location is accessible.

Location: shoreditch

5. Trailer Happiness

Trailer happiness

It is a basement type of bar on the portobello road. Their interior is off beat with quirky design that makes it look old fashioned. It is situated in west London and is easily accessible. The vibe of the bar is amazing.

This is an amazing cocktail bar which won’t disappoint people visiting London. They also hold DJ nights alternatively which is an ideal hangout place with friends! Must to visit place! For fun.

Location: Notting hill, west London

6. Burlock


This bar is known for its creative and innovative way of making cocktails. They also have their amazing menu list. It is the perfect getaway for a change in the city. This romantic and beautiful bar was specially made for people to drink and chat with friends.

Its interior is the one of the great and suitable for people is known as house of wines. Well its situated in the heart of London.

Location: Marylebone

7. Old Street Records

Old Street records

What a tiring day after visiting the places. Everyone needs to change the old street records place which is a 2  storey live music house, a perfect getaway for people after visiting places. They also got new bands that entertain people with jazz nights and DJ nights.

Which are usually held in the bar. It is basically the basement bar with a light interior that gives you a feel for everything. Location is easily accessible,

Loction: Shoreditch, east London

8. Aviary


It is an open sky bar with an amazing view from the top of the terrace of the building. They have an amazing menu related to cocktails and also British season plates for the side dishes. It’s all chilled view and open sky to make your day awesome with a drink.

It is romantic and full of good vibes to drink with your loved ones. Aviary name itself says it all to why to choose these for date nights. Location is very famous to choose too.

Location: shoreditch

9. The Four Thieves

The Four Thieves

Well it’s an adventure bar with all the indoor sports team gaming, sports mini racing etc. It is wonderful and a must to visit a bar which comes under the list of all rounder bars in London. There is a must to drink before visiting the gaming room.

They have a vintage game set which is truly an attraction for tourists and people living in London. This could be more exciting for people who love making new friends and socializing with everyone. This couldn’t be more fun going alone in fact it’s a place to visit with friends. The night could be very fun in London. The location is accessible.

Location: Battersea, Clapham

10. Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay

This bar is situated in the heart of Shoreditch, it is quirky, cocktails are very famous and a must to drink. Their bartenders are just fabulous. They mix amazing drinks to make the best cocktail in London. Its interior is very beautiful and eye-catching.

They have plush furniture perfect for date nights. The surrounding of the bar is secretive. It would be worth it to visit this bar to explore its secrets….ssh! Location is in the heart of the shoreditch.

Location: Shoreditch


Why not try these after turning your busy day into a calm and cozy day? These bars are suitable for all choices with restaurants in it, it could be a perfect getaway for people with friends and having social skills at their best. These could be an amazing top 10 perfect bars in London.

Hurry up, they won’t disappoint you at all!


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