Best Halal Restaurants in London – Top 10

Top 10 Halal Restaurants in London

This city is full of venues that are ready and willing to cook up a great feast in keeping with your way of life, from modern West End kitchens serving new fusion recipes to classic Soho haunts where the line may be long but the meal is well worth it. All you have to do is know where to look. We’ve compiled a list of the best halal restaurants in London to assist you. Let’s take you to the best ones!.

Top 10 halal restaurants in London

1. Green Mosaic

Green Mosaic

Green Mosaic is a lively and quirky pizza restaurant in Central London that specialises in Neapolitan-style slices and is halal-friendly. Turmeric, flaxseed, and oats are used to make the dough, which is then fermented for 48 hours.

Making it one of the healthiest and most unusual snacks available. It is the oldest restaurant inspired by Neapolitan that makes it special for everyone to make sure to visit it at least once. The location is accessible.

Location: Holborn

2. Roti Chai

Roti Chai

In the more casual dining area, divide tapas-style sharing appetisers inspired by street hawkers or indulge in delicious tandoor specialities in an elegant setting. The interior of this halal restaurant. The location is accessible.

Are you looking for a halal restaurant in London? Roti Chai, a beautiful Indian restaurant in Marylebone, is the place to go.

Location: Marylebone

3. Meat and Shake Tooting

Meat and Shake

Remember Meat & Shake when you’re looking for a cheap halal restaurant in London. At their Tooting home, the timber chefs cook everything from pork ribs and smoked rib cage to jerk chicken tenders and sirloin brisket.

Just like other halal restaurants, it is necessary to check whether the restaurant is open or no due to covid norms and booking could be placed before taking the ride to the restaurant.

Location: Tooting

4. Ros’s Thai Cafe Soho

Rosa Thai Cafe

Rosa’s Thai Cafe, a crowd-pleasing restaurant chain, has it all at its locations across London. They provide not only halal-friendly curries, stir fries, and light nibbles, but also vegetarian and vegan options.

Also, this cafe is the most crowded and the menu is just amazing. Location is accessible and timings are flexible.

Location: Soho

5. Hoppers


Hoppers may be a modern restaurant, but it didn’t run away from those both classic spices, taking you on a gourmet voyage to Sri Lanka. Join them for fresh interpretations on classic meals, including halal chicken and lamb.

Its menu is amazing. The location is accessible. The restaurant’s delectable Hoppers and Dosa cuisine will be the focus here. Hoppers, which are made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk, are extremely popular in Tamil Nadu. In a similar way, the Dosa incorporates delectable lentils into a fermented rice batter crêpe. Both dishes use a wide range of spices to convey the heat and vivacity of Indian life to your table. It’s like entering into the vibrant world

Location: Soho

6. Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte is rated one of London’s top halal restaurants, offering dishes like sea bass ceviche, tuna tataki, and wagyu gyoza. Furthermore, the West End restaurant’s fusion menu of Nikkei cuisine (a combination of Peruvian and Japanese food) is upsetting the status quote.

The location is accessible. Each menu is developed with the guest’s experience in mind – whether eating with colleagues, a corporate event, nighttime dining, canapé party, or brunch – each meal combines wonderfully with the bar’s throbbing ambience. Chotto Matte invites guests into the atmosphere of underground Tokyo by bringing it to London’s Soho.

Location: West end, Soho.

7. Gymkhana


Gymkhana is a kosher meat restaurant in London that is well-deserved of its stellar reputation. With panache and familiarity, homey, relatable Indian meals are delivered. Chicken, lamb, and goat are the only meat dishes that have been certified as halal.

The interior looks very soothing and also looks very pretty. Its menu looks mouth watery. The location is accessible. The bar specialized in mixes and cocktails made with a sweet blend of Indian cuisine and alcohol; there’s also a Gin and Tonic menu, as well as a quality selection of Fennel and Arrak, as well as liquors and India Pilsner on tap and in bottles. The wine list at Gymkhana is extremely broad, thanks to the efforts of Trishna Sommelier and Sunaina Sethi.

Location: Mayfair

3. Brigadiers


Brigadiers is an Indian grill restaurant and nightclub in the city that serves a wide range of halal options. If you work in the city and want to watch the game or play pool after work, stop by. It is the best grill halal restaurant. The location is accessible.

The meal selection consists of small dishes, grills, and major courses, all of which are meant to be ordered to the table and shared among the group. Barbecue Butter Chicken Wings, Masala Chicken Skins, and Iconic Tandoori Lamb Chops are some of the restaurant’s most popular meals. On weekends, they offer a Weekend Sports Menu, and on Sundays, they serve an Indian BBQ spin on the traditional Sunday Roast.

Location: City of London

9. Arabica Bar and Kitchen

Arabica Bar and Kitchen

The sublime eats at Arabica Bar & Kitchen will have you coming back for more. Halloumi flatbreads, spiced lamb and bulgar wheat croquettes, chicken and pistachio taouk… Come here for a very delicious lunch or dinner in Southwark.

With a polished concrete floor and old furnishings, the design is stripped back to its original brickwork, providing an alternative to more traditional ethnic restaurants. Arabica is a vibrant restaurant and bar that exemplifies what can be accomplished by individuals willing to put in the effort. Location is accessible.

10. Comptoir Libanais

Comptoir Libanais

Join Comptoir Libanais for all of the above as they prepare authentic Lebanese dish after authentic Lebanese dish to introduce you to a world of intriguing Middle Eastern cuisine, ranging from hearty tagines and rich mezze meals to Mama’esh (Lebanese style pizza).

One of London’s most colourful restaurants is located on Poland Street, and it is also fresh, nutritious, honest, and reasonable. You’re likely to find something intriguing and appetising whether you’re going down for dinner or grabbing something on the fly.


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