Best 10 Italian Restaurants in London

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in London

London is known for being the country of foodies, and it has a variety of Italian restaurants with outstanding infrastructure ranging from old school vibe to new wave small plates and much more. If you want to have the best Italian cuisine in London, we have mentioned the top ten Italian restaurants you can visit to get the best pasta and pizza sausage.

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in London



If you want to visit an outdoor setting Italian restaurant, FIUME is the best place to visit near Battersea Power Station. This restaurant has a contemporary Italian Vibe that has industrial-themed interiors. At night you can have a romantic vibe with fairy lights.

The interior of this restaurant has a balance of Italian charm and natural beauty. The Scottish crab and Amalfi lemon Tagliolini, and the tiramisu are the must-have dishes in this restaurant. The sausage Pizza of FIUME is trendy among Londoners because of the deep cheese.

2. Campania


Campania is a Southern Italian restaurant which is located in the middle of Hackney in London. If you want to have the pleasure of an aesthetic interior and peaceful environment, Campania is the best restaurant to visit.

This restaurant has a back room with a burning fireplace and a Courtyard which is the best place to spend the day sleeping espresso in the middle of London. One of the most popular dishes that Londoners order in this Italian restaurant is Gnudi with sage butter.

3. Canto Carvino

Canto Carvino

Canto Corvino is owned by Andrew and Ninai Zarach, who are known for importing top-notch Italian ingredients and spices. Canto Corvino is one of the weakest Italian restaurants that you can find in London, and the vintage glass panes.

This Italian restaurant is mainly famous for the small plates, and the best foods that you must try are the slivers of king prawn, slices of sausages, duck Tortelli, and mullet. This restaurant is not only great for dinner dates, but if you want to pop in for breakfast, it is an excellent place to go.

4. IDA


The next best Italian restaurant in the UK is IDA which is located in Queen’s Park. The thing that makes this Italian restaurant different from others is that all the restaurant recipes are homemade and prepared by the owner’s mother.

The master in this Italian restaurant is hand-rolled pasta creamy, crunchy gorgonzola, crostini, smoky pigs cheek, and cream. Each recipe you find in this restaurant is mouth-watering, and this place serves from breakfast till night.

5. Tavolino


If you want to enjoy yourself in Italian restaurants across the river, Tavolino is the picture-perfect place in London. From this restaurant, you can have a clear look at the tower bridge and Thames.

This Italian restaurant has a vast terrace that is the best place for spending evenings over the river. Apart from the aesthetics and the views, the recipes of these restaurants are made with best produced from Italy and London. Visitors get ample pasta options, and the must-haves in this restaurant are Bambolini stuffed with parmesan, zucchini, and Alla Scapece.

6. Legare


The next great Italian restaurant that we are going to mention in this list is Legare. This place is highly famous for outstanding and fresh plates of pasta. It is one of the coziest Italian restaurants in London.

The variety of pasta you get in this restaurant is a fascinating aspect, and you can take the recommendation from the waiter to compliment your food with the effect of the wine.

7. Bocconcino


Bocconcino is one of the classic Italian restaurants which has an elegant interior and surroundings. The place is covered with glass walls and copper accents that give a great feel to the visitors.

The restaurant serves various options in pasta, Pizza as meat and fish, and the best dish to try in this restaurant is burrata with pesto and juicy tomatoes. This restaurant is one of the best if you visit an Italian restaurant with a grand interior. We will also recommend you to try the fresh fish dish by the chef.

8. Palatino


Several Londoners wish to try the Italian home dishes, and apart from IDA, another Italian restaurant that serves home-cooked meals is Palatino. Palatino has a grand interior including Huge metal windows, parquet flaws, splashes of Sunny, and so on.

Valentina served the best homemade pasta, and apart from that, porcini, ricotta ravioli, and parle are the best dishes that you can try in this feel-good Italian restaurant. If you want to try the puddings in this restaurant, we suggest you try classic ones that include boozy tiramisu.

9. Franco’s


Franco’s is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in London, and since then, it is famous for its interior and menu. This restaurant is located near St. James Street. Franco’s serves the best classic Italian food to the Londoners despite several transformations.

The best dish that you must try in this Italian restaurant is the spaghetti carbonara. You might not find this dress on the menu, but you would get it if you would place the order. Spending time with your friends in the outdoor setting while watching the busy London Street can be a fantastic day out.

10. Lina Stores

Lina Stores

The last Italian restaurant that we are mentioning for Londoners is Lina Stores at Soho Deli. This Italian restaurant is a two-floor space situated on Greek Street, and since the 1940s, it has been serving the best Italian cuisine in London.

Every dish served in this restaurant is mouth-watering, and the flavors will compel you to come back to this budget-friendly restaurant again and again. You can experience the best Italian hospitality at Lina Stores.

Wrap Up

If you have an extreme craze for Italian food, these ten Italian restaurants are a must-visit in London. All of these restaurants have great interiors, and some of them even have live music at night. To enjoy Italy’s aesthetics and mouth-watering flavors, Londoners must visit every Italian restaurant that we have mentioned in this list at least once.


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