Top 10 Cleaning Companies in London

Top 10 Cleaning Companies in London

Cleaning is not easy where everyone is busy in their life, but one cannot live in a messy house. Especially, with kids and pets around, how much we try to protect, it always gets messy here and there. Cleaning washrooms, sinks and garden area is the job not everyone likes to do. So cleaning service companies have emerged giving their best services for decades. Here are the top 10 list of cleaning companies in London.

Top 10 Cleaning Companies in London

1. London Cleaning System

London Cleaning System

London cleaning system is a budget-friendly, reasonable and reliable company. They provide first-class cleaning services for rental or own houses and offices. They adopt technology and modern types of equipment in cleaning, with traditional methods.

The market is full of new equipment or tools to clean, but not everyone gets time to clean or they might cost much higher. They offer services like carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, communal area cleaning, domestic cleaning, and office cleaning. There are three types of packs for prices, bronze, silver and gold. The bronze package excludes the cleaning products, the other two includes and price depends per hour. Customers can book online business services and get discounts too.

2. Deep Clean

Deep Clean

Deep clean has over 35 years of experience in cleaning services, with hundreds of clients so far. Offices, private schools, house cleaning services are provided. The price range depends on the item or the room.

For carpet cleaning, it varies between 2 GBP to 50 GBP, for each type. Domestic cleaning, including all rooms, glass windows, tables etc. They also provide service for pet stain removal, which are much harder to remove, they will saturate and perform subsurface extraction to remove stains.

3. Maid2Clean


They provide services for regular, weekends, or once in a month service and the price varies for each. They also offer services like, one-off London house cleans, when parties happen, they will take care of all the cleaning.

All the bookings are made online or through calls. Ironing, dusting, polishing, regular cleans, vacuuming, are the other services they provide. With the best reviews from London citizens, it stands in the top list. There will be no extra fee demand after the work, the agents stick to the contract and the billing.

4. Molly Maid

Molly Maid

It is a worldwide service centre, with million customers every year. They help you in cleaning, holiday let cleaning services, like emptying all bins, washing the office door, removing old food from the fridge etc. before any guests arrive at home.

They are available in most of the regions in London, with reliability and flexibility. They provide services like a dusting of skateboards, pictures and all objects in the house, and complete vacuum, spot cleaning oh paintwork, wiping of cupboards and washing floors. They also provide gift vouchers, discounts and tax-deductible on some services.

5. Happy House Cleaners

Happy House Cleaners

When a house or office has renovation or repair work, it becomes messy, happy house cleans all the mess. The price differs for each room, it costs £2 per step, and £29  per dining or living or lounge room. Same day booking is also available.

Happy house cleaning services offer services for offices, homes, apartments at their best. They will clean the windows, doors, glasses, sinks, tiles in the bathroom, and polish them. They provide services like carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning, domestic cleaning, windows etc. After builder cleaning includes, dusting, wiping, scrubbing bathtubs, sinks, cleaning doors, windows, removing all the waste left. Antiviral sanitisation is an added feature.

6. Go Cleaners London

Go Cleaners London

Pet and child-friendly cleaning products, by GoCleaners London, have got good reviews over years. They provide better services with 24/7 working hours and online booking services and they provide services for residential and commercial properties.

Depending on the price and the package selected, they will or will not provide their cleaning detergents. Within the M25 ring in London, their services are available. Other than the regular services, patio cleaning, gutter cleaning, garden clearance, hard floor cleaning etc services are provided. With the best prices and experience in the cleaning service, Go cleaners got good reviews and regular customers.

7. Distinct Group

Distinct Group

Distinct Group is exclusively for commercial or luxury homes. They have provided services for many branded companies so far. From a small boutique to a large shopping mall, they provide high-quality cleaning services daily or weekly.

Windows cleaning with a shiny look, and cleaning the carpets with zero dust particles is their speciality. The word distinct aptly suits them for their distinct way of cleaning giving a normal studio a rich and classy look. Antiviral cleaning and they use most natural solutions to clear any unwanted pests.

8. Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners

They offer unique services like BBQ cleaning, Dry cleaning pick up and delivery, Aga cooker cleaning, Range cooker cleaning, Laundry pick and delivery, Holiday rental cleaning etc. Online booking with membership benefits available.

Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov have started this with the simple idea of providing better services. This company has a decade of experience in cleaning services. They have started with fantastic cleaners, and grow with services like gardening, plumbing, removals, refurbishment, pest control, etc. The price ranges per hour for domestic, cooker cleanings, and prices changes per sqm for the floor.

9. Samyx Cleaning

Samyx Cleaning

Samyx services started its journey in 2015, with Stan Velchev and Svetlana Georgieva in London. They joined together to create better services for customers in cleaning. The price ranges from £15.99 per hour, which is the best.

They provide regular services like domestic cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet, upholstery, one-off, communal, end- tenancy etc. Online booking is available and they also have a blog online on how to clean or queries before going for their cleaning services. Antiviral sanitisation is available for residential as well as commercial purposes.

10. Book-a-Cleaner

Book a Cleaner

An idea in 2004, by a group of friends, has become a company with over a decade of history. They have experienced staff, providing a healthy work-life. They offer services like Carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, jet washing.

For End of tenancy cleaning, regular and one-off cleaning charges vary on domestic and commercial, and prices are always paid on per hour basis. Online booking is available. Customers can pay after the service, if they are not satisfied they can raise a complaint and get assured service. 48 hour period of guarantee, for end of tenancy cleaning service is provided. Steam cleaning, dining area, ironing, dusting, windows cleaning, all services are provided and guaranteed.


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