London Bridge Pubs – Top 10 Pubs Located Near London Bridge

Top 10 Pubs Located Near London Bridge

London Bridge (and the area surrounding it) happens to offer some of the best pubs in the entire capital. Its classic and amazing architecture, making it impossible for people to forget it, even after just a single visit.

Here, we have listed the names of some of the best pubs near London Bridge. All of them are unique and wonderful in their own way. We will also be discussing their drinks, foods, addresses and of course, what their ‘something extra’ is that makes them so special and different from the other pubs.

Top 10 Pubs Located Near London Bridge

1. The Rose & Crown

The Rose & Crown is an extremely well-known establishment. It is a part of the PubLove family. It has been owned and maintained by the same family since 1985. It is very popular for its beer selection and burgers (one of which has won a couple of address awards too!)

The Rose and Crown

Beer collection – The Rose & Crown beer selection is very impressive. There are over fourteen types of craft beers including the classics like Beavertown and Signature Brew. The pub never runs out of options and it is sure to have your favorites.

Food – The pub will quickly and surely become a favorite of junk food lovers. It has burgers, french fries, and chicken sandwiches, along with normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Its special burger, the Juicy Bastard, is an award-winning recipe.

Address: 65 Union St, London SE1 1SG

2. The Rake

The Rake, on Borough Street, is a pretty small establishment. But if you are a fan of beers, you will not find a bigger collection anywhere around. Another plus point is that you are welcome to bring anything you want along with you to The Rake!

The Rake

Beer collection – As we just mentioned, The Rake specializes in its beers. You will find 14 keg taps and four cask pumps that keep rotating on a keg or case basis. Its variety is diverse and it will provide you with some of the best beers from across the globe.

Food – It does not really focus on food. (Actually, it does not really have a kitchen.) You can bring whatever you want from wherever you want in The Rake and enjoy it with your favorite beer!

Address: Borough Market, 14A Winchester Walk, SE1 9AG

3. The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf is popularly called the ‘hidden pub under the bridge’ by the people.

The Wheatsheaf

Beer collection – While the beer collection is not really extensive, you will definitely find something to like here. It mainly has beer from European breweries and some from nearby ones. The real ale range is high quality, though limited.

Food – You will be served all the traditional food items of a pub in The Wheatsheaf. The special recipe of the pub is the sausage roll. It is the favorite pick of the customers and is baked daily.

Address: 6 Stoney Street, Borough, SE1 9AA

4. The Miller

The Miller will provide you with quality burgers, tasty ciders, and a lovely comedy club upstairs.

The Miller

Beer collection – Their beer collection is undoubtedly diverse and extensive. Here, you will find the popular Beavertown and Camden, as well as classics like Guinness and Amstel. They mainly focus on low and no alcohol drinks.

Food – Their burger variety is unparalleled. From the classic Cheeseburgers to the regional specialties, they have everyone’s favorites on their menu.

Address: 96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS

5. The George Inn

It is one of the oldest pubs in London and one of the very few that have their own Wikipedia page.

The George Inn

Beer collection – It is run by Greene King and its collection is pretty impressive. It serves a variety of drinks like wines, cocktails, spirits, beers, etc.

Food –  You can expect to find the general pub menu here, which will include burgers, fish and chips, etc. You can also buy your favorite dishes from anywhere else and bring them here.

Address: 75 Borough High St, London SE1 1NH

6. The Market Porter

The Market Porter is also situated in Borough Street.

The Market Porter

Beer collection – It owns a varied drink collection. With 16 different lagers, pale ales, and ciders, it offers more than 12 gins to choose from.

Food – It is famous for serving home-cooked food, both traditional and modern dishes. The food is said to be delicious and the Sunday Roast is pretty popular.

Address: 9 Stoney Street, SE1 9AA

7. The Old King’s Head

This pub is in an alley off Borough Street and a perfect stop before getting to the station.

The Old Kings Head

Beer collection – It offers a good enough variety of wines, lagers, and ales.

Food – It also, like many other pubs on the list, offers the traditional pub menu like varieties of burgers, fish and chips, etc.

Address: King’s Head Yard, SE1 1NA

8. The Horseshoe Inn

The Horseshoe Inn is a beautiful and traditional pub. It has been owned and maintained by the same family for 24 years.

The Horseshoe Inn

Beer collection – The Horseshoe Inn offers a good selection of lagers which are served in the garden bar. It also serves three ales that are regulated every month.

Food – It also serves traditional pub food items. Fresh, delicious, and memorable, they maintain gardens and beehives on their best rooftops, from which herbs and honey are collected and used.

Address: 26 Melior St, Bermondsey, London SE1 3QP

9. The Old Thameside Inn

As the name suggests, this pub is situated on the banks of the Thames.

The Old Thameside Inn

Beer collection – Since it is a Nicholson’s pub, you can expect a large variety of cocktails, craft beers, whiskies, etc.

Food – The traditional pub menu, burgers, fish and chips, and roasts on Sundays.

Address: Pickfords Wharf, Clink St, SE1 9DG

10. The Gladstone Arms

It is a family-run pub, going as far back as the nineteenth century.

The Gladstone Arms

Beer collection – It is a popular craft beer pub, with more than 13 beers on tap, and ales, lagers, ciders, etc.

Food – It surprisingly mainly used Anglo-Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala pie, the roasts, etc.

Address: 64 Lant St, London SE1 1QN


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