London Bridge Rooftop Bars – Top 10 In The City

Top 10 Rooftop Bars Near London Bridge

If you are in the mood of having some nice drinks under the sky and enjoy some pretty amazing views, then you should head to the nearest rooftop bar in the area. You may or may not be aware of the availability of rooftop bars in your locality.

But if you are in London Bridge, then we can help you a lot. London Bridge has a number of bars and restaurants for its visitors. And quite a few of them are at a height and will offer you a spectacular view of the surroundings.

Here we have listed the names of a handful of the best rooftop bars near London Bridge.

Top 10 Rooftop Bars Near London Bridge

1. Jin Bo Law Skybar

Jin Bo Law Skybar


14th floor, 9 Aldgate High Street Dorsett City, London EC3N 1AH

Jin Bo Law Skybar is situated on the 14th floor of Dorsett City Hotel in Aldgate. Its rooftop terrace will offer you a gorgeous view of the Tower Bridge, the Shard, the Walkie Talkie, the Gherkin, and other neighboring areas. The amazing views, great cocktails, dancing floor, and energetic music will leave a lasting impression on the customers. Some of its best menu options are martini, juice, lemon drop, lucky Buddha beer, bloody mary, champagne, mimosa, Aperol spritz, mai tai, spritz Veneziano, chicken wings, etc.

2. Radio Rooftop London

Radio Rooftop London


336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA

Radio Rooftop is actually a tapas restaurant and bar. It is situated on the 10th Floor of ME London. It provides one of the most beautiful views of the capital including the river Thames, the Shard, the London Eye, Big Ben, and much more. With great cocktails, helping staff, and a wonderful sight of the capital’s skyline, you are sure to enjoy your time here. A bunch of the best servings of this bar includes champagne, wines, afternoon tea, cocktails, gin, sliders, burgers, espresso martini, mojito, sweet potato, steak and chips, mai tai, full English breakfast, etc.

3. Savage Garden

Savage Garden


Floor 12, 7 Pepys St, London EC3N 4AF

Located in DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Savage Garden is a cocktail bar with the most spectacular skyline views of London. This vibrant and quirky bar offers the most delicious drinks, the greatest delicacies with the exact atmosphere that will fill you with energy. The Shard, Tower of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral are some of the iconic views that are visible from this rooftop bar. The dance floor and happy-hour drinks also add to its features. Savage Garden offers its customers some of the best beers, cocktails, ciders, gin and tonic, vodka, white wine, espresso martini, cheese, and wine, rose wine, whiskies, hamburgers, etc out there.

4. Bussey Rooftop Bar

Bussey rooftop Bar


Roof B, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST

Located at the top of the Bussey Building, the Bussey Rooftop Bar is the highest drinking spot in Peckham. Its major specialties are its great cocktails, delicious pizzas, and its 360-degree view of the whole capital. All these factors contribute to memorable and lasting drinking and dining experience. Some of its best servings include cider, cocktails, beers, espresso martini, salami, pizzas, sweet potato fries, burgers, whiskies, etc.

5. Aviary London

Aviary London


Royal London House, 10th Floor Montcalm, 22-25 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1DX

Aviary is a Rooftop Restaurant and Terrace Bar. It is located on the 10th floor of the new Montcalm Royal London House Hotel in Finsbury Square near Moorgate and Liverpool Street. It has a unique style, amazing cocktail bars, and an awesome view to offer to its visitors. Some of its best servings and dishes are wines, sticky toffee pudding, steak fries, beer, martini, Sunday roast, sea bass, steak tartare, lamb leg steak, cider, gin, and tonic, french toast, etc.

6. Madison



New Change, London EC4M 9AF

Madison is a rooftop restaurant and terrace that overlooks St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is a tapas restaurant that serves a diverse menu inspired by the New York dining scene. It mainly focuses on steaks from the grill and offers delicious cocktails and a pretty great view of the city. Madison offers a variety of drinks and dishes including beer, champagne, prosecco, Aperol spritz, martinis, beef burgers, macaroons, warm chocolate fondant, mojito, fish, and chips, etc.

7. Sabine Rooftop Bar

Sabine Rooftop Bar


7, 10 Godliman St, London EC4V 5AJ

Sabine Rooftop Bar is a secret garden, separate from the city, and offers a serene and comfortable atmosphere for drinking and dining. This secret garden has an outside terrace and a glass-domed roof which provides it uniqueness and a different aura. You can enjoy your drinks and meal with a great view of the city. This bar offers numerous delicious and mouth-watering drinks and dishes like espresso martini, wine, arancini and asparagus, Sabine cocktails, city tropic cocktails, kombucha, juice, mai tai, focaccia bread, and teriyaki mushrooms, etc.

8. Seabird



40 Blackfriars Road 14th Floor, South Bank, London SE1 8NY

Seabird is a gorgeous restaurant, located on the 14th floor of The Hoxton, Southwark. It not only has an impressive marble raw bar, but also the longest oyster list in the entire capital and its amazing views. Some of its best servings include but are not limited to, cocktails, wines, squids, roast rump of beef, octopus roll, fresh oysters, mackerel, cod, etc.

9. Quarter Bar and Lounge

Quarter Bar and Lounge


8-18 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

Located in the heart of London Bridge, Quarter Bar and Lounge is a popular daytime venue and late-night gathering spot. The bar with its stools, comfortable seating and great drinks offers a pleasurable experience. Quarter Bar and Lounge serves numerous delicious dishes and drinks. Some of them are cocktails, mojito, tea, fish and chips, gin and tonic, beef burger, bacon, etc.

10. London Bridge Rooftop

London Bridge Rooftop


Colechurch House, Bridge Walk, London SE1 2SX

This bar is located at Colechurch House. With its beautiful views, cocktails, beers, and burgers, it makes an amazing gathering spot. Some of its most popular and most delicious servings are cocktail, raspberry, bacon burger, whisky, sangria, margarita, etc.

London Bridge offers the best rooftop bars in the entire capital with nice architecture. Here we have listed the top 10 rooftop bars located near London Bridge.


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