Top 10 Outdoor Bars in London

Top 10 Outdoor Bars in London

The outdoors is a wonderful place to be if the weather allows it. Seated under a blue sky, in the sunlight, in temperate weather, in a cozy and friendly atmosphere almost beats all the vibes that indoor décor can provide. Now imagine the outdoors along with delicious food and beverages- the perfect outing.

The year 2020 saw the world go into complete lockdown- a raging pandemic that caused much tragedy in its wake. Now, however, the world is recovering and life is getting back to normal. However, a year of being quarantined can take some time to be discarded and the old way of life may seem hectic to people. So, once in a while, it is important to take a break and enjoy the outdoors which was forbidden for almost over a year. It is important to catch up with friends and family whom one may not have seen, being locked away due to a virus. So here is a list of the top 10 outdoor bars in London that one may go to to have a wonderful time and catch up with the people one has missed the most.

Top 10 Outdoor Bars in London

1. Allegra

Allegra Restaurant

Located on the seventh floor of the prestigious Stratford hotel, the Allegra provides a beautiful panoramic view over the region of Westfield Strafford. It is furnished with deckchairs with wildflowers on the border and water features.

It is almost comparable to taking a tropical holiday that one may not yet be able to take. Its menu consists of innovative dishes made from ingredients of the local organic farms around the area and delicious signature cocktails.

2. Bubba Oasis

Bubba Oasis

On top of the Bubba Oasis is a beautiful Miami-inspired terrace establishment furnished with cute mint-colored chairs and green foliage. The arty and welcoming atmosphere provides a laid-back charm to the place- perfect for relaxing and having a good time.

It also provides high-energy weekend brunches and cocktails that are sure to make one return over and over again.

3. Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit

This particular rooftop bar may have a lackluster décor- with the rooftop bars situated on two opposite ends of the room and can be accessed only by crossing the Japanese restaurant– yet it makes up for this with its high-quality cocktails and a sky-high setting.

It is also a great view to watch the sunset and the play of colors. Entry here is however first come first serve so one must be careful to reach the bar on time as its popularity can cause it to be overcrowded. There are two restrictions on the dress code here- flip-flops and swimwear.

4. Aviary

Aviary restaurant

The Aviary is a rooftop bar with a roomy open-air terrace at flip-flopsFinsbury Square’s Montcalm Hotel. It is located above ten floors and provides a fantastic panoramic view which makes it very popular with the post-work crowd.

This establishment is well known for its opulent décor and welcoming atmosphere. The menu here is perfect for brunch, lunch, and dinner and the beverages served are excellent. The ingredients are sourced locally and are fresh which makes the dishes even more delicious to taste.

5. Vagabond


The Vagabond, located on the Northcott Road, is one of those places that are cozy and its interior décor and atmosphere are almost incomparable with beautiful lighting and a very intimate atmosphere.

It offers a mouthwatering menu of tapas-style dishes and a huge wine list. Here, one can avail of friendly wine advisors who will help one in choosing the correct wine. This establishment started as a wine bar and now is one of the most popular outdoor bars with many branches all across the city of London.

6. Madison

Madison Restaurant

Located near St. Paul’s Cathedral, this rooftop bar is not the best when it comes to being spacious. However, the stunning views of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the tasty tapas menu.

And its popular signature cocktails make up for the feeling of being cramped and can make one lose any sense of discomfort.

7. Lock Tavern

Lock Tavern

This rooftop bar is situated on top of the Chalk Farm in Camden and is ideal for the summer months. Here, individuals can enjoy any and all outings-from leisurely lunches to private parties.

The menu offers mouth-watering burgers, wings, and of course beer as this is a beer garden.

8. The Castle

The Castle Restaurant

The Castle in Islington has its bar on a big sprawling terrace, a welcoming and fun staff, and atmosphere along with a carefully crafted summer menu of burgers, juices, etc., which also has vegan options.

The Castle, with its fun charm and tasty dishes, is quite a favorite among the post-work crowd. It also has live sports coverage on the terrace and thus makes it a perfect place to go and spend time with peers.

9. 601 Queen’s Road

601 Queen’s Road

601 Queen’s Road is known as Wimbledon’s coolest rooftop bar and is the perfect place to catch up with old friends over a spot of brunch. The menu here offers everything from delicious coffee to cocktails, juices, light bites, and heavy breakfasts.

Almost all of these dishes are created from locally sourced products which makes them extra delicious. The sheer number of choices offered in this menu will ensure that everyone at the table gets to pick what they desire.

10. Upper 5th Shore Ditch

601 Queen’s Road

Located on the terrace of the Courthouse Hotel, the Upper 5th Shore ditch is a beautiful rooftop bar that has more to offer than a few fruity cocktails.

The drinks menu in this bar may be limited yet it is made from fresh seasonal fruits and ingredients which gives it a taste that cannot be compared. This establishment keeps it simple with some delicious grills and a fabulous panoramic view of the city from above.

So, if able, go out to celebrate the end of the recent pandemic with proper precautions. Enjoy a cocktail, maybe two, perhaps more than two, and the beauty of the outdoors and the indoors.


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