Tallest Buildings In London – Check Out The Top 10 Constructions

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in London

London is a place of a mixture of wonders. The architectural beauties in London show their eclectic style. It is well known for its variety of architectures, Roman, Georgian, victorian etc. from ancient times to today’s Postmodern architecture. London’s Financial District has the best commercial buildings and residential buildings.

Not just one, but London is full of architectural buildings, palaces, colleges, commercial buildings, residential buildings, churches etc. St.Paul cathedral church is a famous architecture in the world. Queen’s house, London bridge, Palace of Westminister, Victoria and Albert Museum, etc. are the best examples of London architecture.

On the basis of London’s beautiful and strong buildings, here we have a list of the Top 10 tallest buildings in London.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in London

1. The Shard

The shard

Height :309.6 metres,1016 feet.

Location:Southwark, London.

It was completed in the year 2012, with 87 floors. Architect Renzo Piano has designed this beautiful architecture. It follows the Neo-futurism evidential construction. It is the tallest building in London. It emerges from the river Thames. It operates on natural gas, from the National fuel. It is the second tallest structure in the United Kingdom. Glass Shields are covered all over, which are crystal clear as mirrors. It is closer to London Bridge, it is a different experience to view London from the top of the Shard building.

2. 22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopgate

Height: 278 metres, 912 feet.

Location: London.

With 62 stories, the building was completed in the year 2019. Designed by PLP architectural designs, and investments from The Economic Development Corporation of Saudi Arabia, Arab Investments, which funded larger than others, and Union Investment. It is a commercial skyscraper building. It is spread over 195000 sqm, the largest building in Britain till date, known as village city workers place.

3. One Canada Square

One Canada Square

Height: 235m, 770 feet.

Location: Canary Wharf, London.

Its construction started in 1988 and was completed in 1991. Cesar Pelli and associates designed this architecture. It is constructed for a business purpose, and it has thirty-two lifts with extra five lifts for freight man and fire purposes. Its architectural design is of stainless steel cladding, with 55 stories. It is shaped liked a squared building and a dome-like pyramid structure on the top. There are 50 floors in total, with an area of 28000 average floor size. More than 60 companies reside in this building.

4. Landmark Pinnacle

The Landmark Pinnacle

Height: 233m, 764 ft.

Location: London.

It is still under construction, which started around 2018 on the Isle of Dogs. It is a rectangular-shaped seventy-five-story building, a residential-type building with over 200 tenants. Squire and Partners architecture firm has designed it, and the developer Chalegrove Properties. The planning is for 822 residential units in total, where approximately 200 are filled out. Inside the building, we have a lounge, with a pool, gym, billiard tables, etc. for the residents. The prices start from £559,000 to buy an apartment.

5. Heron Tower

Heron Tower

Height: 230m,755ft.

Location: 111 Bishopsgate,London.

It was constructed started in 2007 and completed in 2011. It is a commercial space, with 46 floors over 43000 sqm, designed by Kohn Perdonson fax. It looks like a square shape, with a mast above the roof. A large aquarium of over 70000 liters and 1200 fish is an attraction to the interior building. Salesforce company which is one of the big multinational cloud servicing company resides in this building. Other than the salesforce company, there is a restaurant and sky bar on the 38 to 40 floors.

6. 122 Leadenhall Street

122 Leadenhall street

Height: 225m,738 ft.

Location: Central London.

Also known as the Leadenhall Building, it opened in 2014. It was first a small building with 54m, demolished in 2007 and redesigned as Leadenhall building. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners LLP has designed it and British land and Oxford properties developed. It is in the shape of a slider, with 48 floors over an area of 84000 sqm. It is called Cheese Grater due to its shape. It is a Postmodern structure architecture. Over 45 floors of the building are filled up with companies, in an area of 3500 sqm.

7. Newfoundland


Height: 220m, 720ft.

Location: Isle of Dogs, London.

A residential type of building, construction started in 2015 and was completed in 2021. It was designed by Horden Cherry Lee firm, with 58 floors,i.e., 60 stories building over ~67000sqm. It was designed for the client South Quays Properties Ltd., a subsidiary of Canary wharf group. It is shaped like a half semi-circle in 3d design.

8. Crystal Palace Transmitter

Crystal Palace Transmitter

Height: 219m,719ft.

Location:  London Borough of Bromley, England.

It is a broadcasting and telecommunication center, and it is the primary television transmitter in London. There was an aquarium before this tower, and it was demolished and rebuilt later in the 1950s.  With a long history, it stands eighth largest in London. It is simply a tower, but it feels like they saw a replica of the Eiffel tower to those who see it for the first time.

9. South Quay Plaza 1

South Quay Plaza 1

Height: 214.5m, 704ft.

Location: Isle of Dogs, London.

It was designed by the architect Foster+Partners and developed by Berkeley Group Holdings. It is designed of three towers combined, in which the tallest is called Hampton tower. A Residential type of building, with over 1338 residential apartments on 68 floors. The other towers are of slightly lesser height, with 56 and 36 floors each. The second tower is under construction, and the third is yet to be built.

10. One Park Drive

One Park Drive

Height: 205m, 673ft.

Location: Isle of Dogs, London.

One of the best residential skyscraper buildings in London. Herzog & De-Meuron has designed this building with 56 stories and 58 floors in 54000sqm. The construction was completed in 2021 and includes 468 residential apartments on whole. It looks like a cylindrical shape, seems like a Jenga game, space between each apartment. The lower part of the apartments has a beautiful view of the water and the upper one, the sky. Every apartment has a spacious terrace or balcony, with glass doors.


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