Top 10 Universities for Psychology in the UK

Top 10 Psychology Universities in UK

In the United Kingdom, psychology is another most popular course. The universities for psychology in the UK primarily focus on theoretical and methodological ways to make this complex subject easier for the students. With every year, the complexity of the subject increases, and students get to learn the ways and methods for clinical forensic sports and other psychological fields. If you also want to take admission to the top universities in the UK for psychology, read the article because below, we will mention the top 10 universities for psychology in the United Kingdom.

Top Psychology Universities in the UK

1. University College London (UCL)

University College London

UCL is the top psychology University in the United Kingdom, and it was established in 1826. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in psychology and the curriculum of this university focus on both compulsory and optional module.

The course’s complexity is created so that students can be prepared in the psychology field most efficiently. Students can learn various aspects of psychology such as behavior, social psychology, sports psychology, clinical psychology, language, and cognition. By the end of the degree, students can prepare for their research work in psychiatry and human development.

2. Kings College London

Kings College London

The following top university for psychology in the UK is king’s College London, which offers outstanding psychology courses. King’s College London has the biggest psychiatry research Centre in entire Europe.

The courses provided by king’s College London are for both undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses, and the curriculum covers neuroscience, health psychology, and clinical psychology. The university has excellent ties with the South London hospital and various clinician and scientists that allows students to get excellent placements and voluntary work as as a Psychological intern.

3. University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh, the psychology department was established in 1906, and later, it was created into a proper school of philosophy, psychology, and language sciences in early 2003.

All the certificates for undergraduate and post-graduate psychology degrees are accredited by the British psychology society that allows the students to take on the professional training after completing their studies. Students get to learn under the guidance of expert psychology teachers. University also conducts various seminars and independent studies to emphasize more on the professional arena of the psychology field.

4. Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Talking about top universities for psychology in the UK and not mentioning Cardiff University would be a huge mistake. It has the most important center of psychology in the UK, and the university offers a wide range of undergraduate post-graduate students.

The university covers a wide range of topics such as developmental psychology, social psychology, language memory, and behavior in the psychology degree. After completing the education at Cardiff University, students can get good placement with big companies, national hospitals, forensic psychiatry services, prisons, and other international universities.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and political science also has an outstanding psychological and behavioral science department that offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses to the students and doctoral programs.

Undergraduate psychology courses of the university focus on developing basic knowledge in students related to the psychological field with the help of intense research work.  Further, in the post-graduate post-graduate courses, students get to learn in-depth with experienced teachers. Various academic seminars and social events are conducted for the students of the psychological department, where they get to interact with the established people in this field.

6. University of Manchester

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is another top psychological University in the UK, and it has a particular rank in the world. Students in the UK can take admission in various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

The University of Manchester also provides students with partial and complete placement based on the student’s performance. Mentors at the University of Manchester trained students efficiently and equip them with the in-depth knowledge and skills required inf psychology.

7. University of Sussex

University of Sussex

The School of Psychology at the University of Sussex is one of the most diverse academic centers where students can fully educate in biological cognitive-developmental clinical and social psychology.

In the curriculum of psychology that the University of Sussex provides, students, participate in various research work and prepare their thesis that can help them get good placements in the industry later on.

8. University of Kent

University of Kent

The University of Kent also provides various research opportunities and placement to outstanding students. The teaching approach adopted by the University of Kent teachers is efficient and friendly, which also includes live seminars and feedback sessions.

The University of Kent has one of the leading psychological centers. The module of the courses is developed by including a wide range of topics related to psychology such as child development language, mental health motivation, forensic psychology, social psychology, and much more.

9. University of Bristol

University of Bristol

The School of psychological sciences of the University of Bristol offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in which students take one-on-one classes with the top teachers in this field.

During their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, students at the University of Bristol also get a chance to work with Ph.D. students and the rest of the research staff that helped them gain essential skills when it comes to human cognition and emotional behavior, social psychological studies, and much more.

10. University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has a wide variety of curriculum in psychology, which includes mental processes, human behavior, eating disorders, scientific standpoints, addictions, psychosis, health behaviors, depression, and much more.

The last top university for psychology in the UK is the University of Sheffield, ranking within the top 10 universities for psychology.

Summing it Up

Nowadays, psychology has become one of the most popular fields of study. These ten universities in the United Kingdom are the best universities to attain psychological education from the top mentors.

The best thing about this university is the placement and research opportunities that the students get, which shape them better for the psychological field. Please leave your comment below if the blog is useful and follow up with YodaLondon.


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