Top benefits of learning coding at a young age

Top benefits of learning coding at a young age

Coding is a hobby that can be done at any age but when you start as a child, it can have a wealth of benefits in both education and other areas of life.

Education and cognitive development are two of the most important features of any young person’s life. It helps to shape them into the people they become in later life. This is why parents should be encouraging them to get involved in as many different activities that will help to boost their development. If they aren’t pushed then they may find themselves wasting their potential by spending up to 3 hours watching TV every day.

child learning coding

This can also contribute to:

  • Poor sleep
  • Increase anxiety
  • Enhance chances of becoming obese

To avoid all this, we recommend getting them into coding and this comprehensive guide will prove exactly why. We’ll discuss the many benefits and how you can actually get them involved.

What are the benefits of coding at a young age?

Developing cognitive skills

benefits of learning coding at a young age - Developing cognitive skills

Coding helps children to develop cognitive skills because they’re required to use problem-solving skills and logical thinking when coding. This means that they’re better versed in solving real-world problems now and in later life.

Becoming better STEM subjects

Because it’s analytical and repeats similar sequencing, coding can help children to become better at STEM subjects like maths or science. This may result in them getting better test results throughout their education

Develop creativity

Develop creativity

Programming can open up a child’s creativity due to the many different projects they can do. This could be learning how to programme a robot or even a doorbell for your new house. Their creativity will then build from there.

Easier to learn when younger

As with any early learning, it often comes more naturally at a younger age. Examples of other areas that work like that include learning a language. This means that they’re more likely to pick up skills fast which will make them a pro by adulthood.

How can it help in later life?

The main reason for becoming a coding genius so young is that it can help with career progression in the future. Coding jobs pay a huge amount and there’s a lot of room for development within the technology industry.

How to get them started?

Encouraging your child to start coding is easy when you do the following:

  • Tell them how fun it can be
  • Show them how it is done using videos online
  • Buy them a single board computer to practice on
  • Do it with them, so they keep focused and continue to do it
  • Get them fresh equipment for birthdays or Christmas to keep them interested



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