Top 10 Best Beaches near London


London is known for several things, and the best beaches and scenic coastal towns are some of those. If you plan to visit beaches in the scorching summer with your family and friends, we have rounded up the list of the top 10 best beaches near London. So, without wasting any more minutes, let’s pack our swimming suits, fill up the basket with food, sunscreen, water, and head to the list of the ten most beautiful beaches that you can visit in London.

Best Beaches Near London

1. Botany Bay

Botany Bay

The first beach in London that we will mention in this list is Botany Bay, and make sure not to confuse it with the one in Australia. This beach is located in Kent and is one of the major attractions of the city. Usually, Botany Bay is not given much credit for its beauty and serenity.

The beach has a long strip of sand estimated up to 600 feet. This is one of the best beaches in London where you can have a small picnic with your families, take pictures, explore fossils, see sea creatures or walk beside the shore.

2. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

When asking the Londoners about their favourite beach, 90% of the people will say Brighton. Even though half of this beach is covered with millions of pebbles, it is still one of the most fascinating and demandable beaches among the citizens.

Brighton Beach is famous for capturing the natural beauty of the Britain seaside, and it is the best place for the kids where they can enjoy the arcades and even sit on the sand and enjoy the crowd of Brighton Beach.

3. Camber Sands

Camber Sands

Another most fascinating beach in London, Camber Sands, is situated in East Sussex. This beach has several dunes which gives an Arabian look to the entire destination. A KitKat cafe is located near the sand for the visitors to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or brunch.

Fences have been placed at the ends of the sand to restrict it to ruin the cafe’s atmosphere. Camber Sands is primarily famous within the entertainment industry, and various desert-related films have been shot here.

4. Frensham Beach

Frensham Beach

Frensham beach is far away from the significant coastline and is situated in surrey. It is one of the most ferric beaches you can find in London, and if you want to spend a scorching day with your family sunbathing or swimming in a pond, this is one of the best places to visit.

You can quickly eat there courtesy of an onsite burger shop and bar that sells chips and drinks. You can have a small picnic with your kids but make sure not to bring a barbecue because that is not allowed.

5. Whitstable Beach

Whitstable Beach

In the list of top 10 beaches near London, the next beach is Whitstable beach. The biggest USP of this beach is the various little shops that are around this place. Due to the convenience of the multiple bakeries and bookstores, cafes Whitstable Beach is one of the most popular beaches among Londoners.

You don’t get to see much crowd on this beach. Therefore it is the best place where you can spend a quiet day in the sun and the gorgeous sea in front of you with the oozing fragrances of homemade bread and cakes.

6. Priory Bay Beach

Priory Bay Beach is not extremely popular, and not many Londoners know about it, but those who know can vouch for this beach’s aesthetics and peacefulness. It is situated on the Isle of Wight, and you can even enjoy a scorching summer season on the coast.

Because of its location in the east direction in the morning, this beach gets in men’s glorification of the sun; however, the one drawback you might have to face is the lack of facilities and stores. So it would be best if you remembered to carry your quintessential with you.

7. Ruislip Lido

Ruislip Lido

One of the best beaches in West London is Ruislip Lido, and honestly, it is one of the closest beaches you can find in the City. This beach has an area of 700 acres, and it has a beautiful lake and sandy beach with minimum pebbles.

If you bring your child to Ruislip Lido beach,  you can have an advantage with them because kids can have fun with miniature trains, pirate ships, and woodland trails. Although, you can only come to this beach for picnics because you cannot swim in the lake.

8. Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth beach indoor set is one of the most extensive beaches in London, and it is eleven miles long. So even if you get to see a significant crowd on this beach, you can conveniently escape it in this long landscape.

Bournemouth beach is also a home for various shops, hotels, and restaurants, so it becomes an ideal location to spend summers with your family and friends. The sea’s water is not very deep so you can even enjoy water sports during your visit.

9. Mersea Beach

Mersea Beach is known for providing a magical retreat to the Londoners. It is a small Island in Essex where you can enjoy mouth-watering seafood and the absolute beauty of nature. It is a perfect place to sit, relax and have oysters.

This beach is divided into two parts: East and West. West Mersea Beach is relatively smaller than the east one, and it is popularly known for fishing. However, you can also enjoy the large variety of restaurants and pubs. On the east side, you can enjoy the ample open space of the beach.

10. Hastings Beach

The last beach that you can enjoy in London is Hastings beach. This beach has its history related to the Royals. If you want to enjoy a beautiful pebble and sand beach, Hastings can be the best beach to go to.

The Great British seaside town, Hastings, surrounds it. You can have the convenience of hotels, restaurants, cafes, small stores, free parking, playgrounds, and much more, making your day out a bit more delightful.

Sum Up

So, here this guide of the top 10 best beaches near London comes to an end. We hope that we would have helped you make your summer retreat more exciting and beautiful with this list. Please leave your comment below if the blog is useful and follow up with YodaLondon.


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