Top 10 Grammar Schools In The UK

Top 10 Grammar Schools in the UK

If you’re looking for a good grammar School for your child so that you can prepare them for a successful career, read the following article because we’re going to mention the top 10 grammar schools in the UK.

Sending your child to grammar school is extremely important because the students who study these girls are academically very gifted, so it can be highly significant to shape your child.

The teachers of the grammar schools primarily focus on building the core knowledge of the child, and several schools also provide other facilities like sports and music for the students to establish strong connections with the outside world.

Best Grammar Schools in the UK

1. Queen Elizabeth’s School

Queen Elizabeth's School

Queen Elizabeth’s school is one of the top Grammar Schools in London, and for more than 400 years, it has been providing the best grammar knowledge to the boys. The curriculum of this school helps students in achieving their revolutionary potential in academics and extracurricular pursuits.

Most of the students who study in this school have an outstanding progress score, and it is an entrance-based admission, so your child has to prepare well to get into Queen Elizabeth’s School.

2. Beaconsfield High School

Beaconsfield High School

Another most exceptional grammar school in the UK for your child is Beaconsfield High school. Beaconsfield High School runs with the motive of “Dare to be remarkable,” which can be seen with the exam results that students get.

This is one of the most popular and best grammar schools that you can find in the UK, and thousands of children prepare to take admission in it. To get your spot, you have to work extremely hard.

3. Colchester County High School for Girls

Colchester County High School for Girls

The next Grammar School is an all-girls Grammar School that offers exceptionally high-quality education to the girls of the UK. Colchester County High School is well known for making most of the children score eight scores of 1.22, which is exceptionally high in England.

This Grammar School focuses on improving the child’s grammar, but students can also excel in modern foreign languages and other subjects like science and mathematics. For studying in a unique academic environment, this Grammar School is excellent for your princess.

4. Kendrick High School

Kendrick High School

Kendrick High School of UK is another top Grammar School that is yet to release the information regarding the new admissions, and if you want to get your children admitted to a good grammar school, you must apply to this school.

Each student of Kendrick High School delivers outstanding scores. Therefore, the admission process is highly selective, but once you get admission to this school, you will be set on a positive trajectory in your educational journey.

5. Stroud High School

Stroud High School

Another most outstanding Grammar School for Girls is Stroud High School, and the teachers in the school prepare your child with utmost efficiency for 11 plus entrance exams along with a remarkable exposure to the world.

The best thing about the admissions in stroud high school is that the admission relies not only on the entrance examination, but the teachers also look at the overall score to provide the admission to only a few students.

6. Altrincham Grammar School for Girls

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls

This all-girls school is situated in Cheshire. Altrincham Grammar School for Girls is a non-fee-paying school, and it is one of the most respected grammar schools that provide outstanding and high-quality secondary education

To have insightful information related to this Grammar School, you can visit their website and take a virtual tour and ask questions to get a better idea of what this school can offer in the betterment of your girl child.

7. Dr. Challoner’s High School

Dr. Challoner's High School

Dr. Challoner’s High School is located in Buckinghamshire, and the students who have passed and studied from this school are known for getting remarkable scores. Each pupil of this school is highly competitive against other grammar schools in the UK.

When it comes to the overall rank, it has 6th to deliver outstanding GCSE results. Do note that it is a girls’ grammar school and it is one of the best that you can find in the United Kingdom for your daughter.

8. Ripon Grammar School

Ripon Grammar School

One of the significant advantages students can get in this Grammar School is the boarding facility, only available for 14 students per year. Another most fascinating fact about the Ripon Grammar School is that it is a free education school.

Ripon Grammar School was established 450 years ago in North Yorkshire, and it is one of the leading grammar schools to offer the best secondary education in the UK.

9. King Edward VI Grammar School

King Edward VI Grammar School

The next best Grammar School on this list is a boys’ Grammar School located in Essex’s county town, King Edward VI Grammar School. This grammar school has a high academic status.

And it offers all kinds of flexibility when it comes to academic curriculum holidays and extracurricular activities. When your child gets admission to this school, he gets better with academics and comes out as a leader with an extensive set of skills that makes him ready for the outside world.

10. Colyton Grammar School

Colyton Grammar School

The last outstanding Grammar School that we’re going to mention in this list is Colyton Grammar School. The reports that have been released about the school declared the education in this school outstanding.

Students in the school have attained outstanding GCSE scores in almost all the subjects, and it also provides exceptional co-educational activities to the students to enhance their overall personality.

Summing It Up

When you look for a Grammar School for your child, you must look for the best one because education at the secondary level is critical. In this article, we tried to mention the top ten best grammar schools for only girls, boys, and both.

Each Grammar School that we have mentioned in this list provides theoretical knowledge to your child and aims to improve the overall personality and help students acquire different sets of skills so that they are academically strong and creatively outstanding.


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