Best 10 Chinese Restaurants in London

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in London

Food is one such thing that can lift your mood within seconds. It is also a great way that brings people closer without having to do much effort. One of the most popular types of food around the globe is Chinese cuisine. From authentic noodles to spicy gravies, Chinese cuisine has it all. One of the most famous cuisines around the globe is Chinese cuisine after Italian. The list includes the top 10 Chinese restaurants in London.

Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in London

1. Yauatcha


As we all know Yauatcha is a restaurant known worldwide for its super luscious dumplings and other exotic Chinese dishes. The ambiance of the restaurant is a pretty high class which makes it more comforting to enjoy your culinary experience.

Some dishes that are popular amongst the locals and loyal customers are; dumplings, scallops, braised noodles with duck, tofu dishes, and steamed prawn sui mai. The main course of the restaurant is served in classy plates that fulfill your overall experience.

2. Royal China Club

Royal China Club

Many restaurants nowadays aim to make their menus experimental or unique. While making things experimental they tend to forget the roots of the dishes. No matter how unique a dish may be, it can not beat any traditional dish.

But Royal China Club focuses on the traditional recipes rather than the uniqueness of the dish. All the dishes are prepared in authentic ingredients with classic flavors. The restaurant also uses high-end ingredients such as caviar, fois gras, and scallops. This enhances the authenticity of the place.

3. Mr Chow

Mr Chow

Looking for a high-end restaurant to impress your client or boss? Then Mr Chow is a perfect place for you. The restaurant offers the experience of fine dining with its exemplary courses with different variety of items to choose from.

Though the price range of the restaurant might be a little high, the dishes served are definitely worth every penny. The sticky glazed prawns and minced chicken wraps are customer’s favorites. Mr Chow also offers a dessert trolley at the end of your meal which alleviates your mood and experience to another level.

4. Hakkasan


Got a promotion or want to celebrate a special day? Head over to Hakkasan for a classy celebration. The restaurant is known for its sleek ambiance and flavorful dishes. Hakkasan is also known for giving the classic dishes a Western twist.

Though some people prefer classic and traditional dishes, they might wonder if giving a Western touch to classic dishes might spoil their experience. But Hakkasan does this job with such perfection that you will fall in love. The spicy lamb salad with peanut dressing is one of the signature dishes of the restaurant.

5. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung

Whenever we go to any restaurant, we consider its reviews or the opinions of the people who have visited the restaurant. Din Tai Fung is a place that is quite popular amongst the locals yet some people have had bad experiences.

The trick to an exceptional experience at this restaurant is to carefully choose your items. The dim sums that are offered by Din Tai Fung are luscious and heavenly. Some dishes that can alleviate your experience are steamed chili crab, pork buns, and pork xiao long bao. These dishes are flavorful and are worth every penny.

6. Phoenix Palace

Phoenix Palace

When a restaurant gets significantly old, people think it may lose its charm or the quality of dishes may vary. But Phoenix Place is such a place that has been able to retain its identity since the very beginning. Its loyal customers visit this place for its retro vibes.

The restaurant offers approximately 300 dishes to choose from. After being run for such a long time, the service time has not been at all affected. One can expect quick service of their aromatic dishes. The staff of the place is also very warm and courteous.

7. XU


Some places have the magic of transporting you to an altogether different place with the help of the ambiance of the place. Xu is such a place that offers fine dining. One can expect high-end dishes at a slightly higher price. But every dish from this restaurant is worth your money.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so intriguing that it feels like you are sitting in the 1920s Shanghai era. Such places are warm yet classy at the same time. Some dishes that you can try are pork dumplings with vinegar sauce and poached chicken with garlic, ginger, and lemon rind.

8. Redfarm


Experimental food is the new trend. Redfarm is well-known amongst the locals for its twist to various traditional dishes. The restaurant has a very friendly vibe. One can hang out in groups with their friends and enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine.

The dumplings from Redfarm are given a very unique twist with black sesame seeds and offered in four different colors. The dishes are also given fun twists that are eye-pleasing as well as flavorful to the core. With complimentary dishes, this restaurant is definitely one of the top 10 Chinese restaurants in London.



While picking out a restaurant, the one thing that every person looks for is budget. Kaki is one such restaurant that is pocket-friendly yet offers some of the best Chinese dishes. The ambiance of the restaurant is pretty cool and comfortable.

The restaurant is rather known for its spicy dishes. Kaki serves some of the best spicy Chinese dishes. The restaurant also uses Offal in many of its dishes. So if you have any pet peeve with that ingredient you may avoid this restaurant. But it also has other dishes that are exotic to the core.

10. The Duck and Rice

The Duck and Rice

Some places radiate comfort and a cozy feeling just by visiting them. The Duck and Rice is one such place that is known for its cozy ambiance. On a winter day, one can chill with their friends in front of the open fire which is yet another attraction of this place.

The dishes served are quite exotic and traditional. The restaurant also offers feast menus that can be enjoyed with a large number of people.


When you cannot decide which Chinese delicacy or restaurant you want to visit, just refer to the list above to help with decision-making. The above-stated restaurants are the top 10 Chinese restaurants in London.


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