10 Best Thai Restaurants in London

Top 10 Thai Restaurants in London

Food is one such thing that can lift your mood within seconds. It is also a great way that brings people closer without having to do much effort. One of the most popular types of food around the globe is Thai cuisine.

Thai cuisine is popularly known for its aromatic flavors that will surely tickle your taste buds. Another important quality of Thai food is the level of spiciness. Their bird-eye chili is world-famous for its spice level. The list includes the top 10 Thai restaurants in London.


Patara Restaurant

With various kinds of dishes to offer, Patara is considered a restaurant that is fit for a king. The restaurant is well-known for its aromatic dishes. The ambiance of the place also affects one’s culinary experience. Once entering Patara, one will surely feel like they are in Thailand itself.

Food experts emphasize trying their flower-shaped dumplings with caramelized chicken and peanut with sweet turnip. For mains, one should definitely try their tender coconut braised beef with mint and lemongrass. The usage of lemongrass in any dish makes it top-notch.


Rusty Bike Restaurant

A not-so-cozy restaurant where you can just chill with your friends is a restaurant we all look for when we decide to hang out with our friends. Rusty Bike is a place where one can enjoy their get-together with pints of beer.

The Jantaburi Pad Thai Noodles is one dish that is popular amongst the locals and everyone who ever visited the restaurant.


The Churchill Arms Restaurant

Instagram-worthy restaurants are the new trend among the food business. Every other restaurant aims to work towards building Insta-popular places. One such place in London is the Churchill Arms.

The restaurant is known for its Insta-worthy dishes which are photogenic as well as flavorful. The restaurant is themed like a butterfly conservatory which gives very cozy and relaxed vibes. The Churchill Arms has been charming their guests with authentic Thai food which is straightaway connected to the heartland of Thailand.


Singburi Resturant

One of the most famous Thai restaurants among the locals is Singburi. The place serves some of the best Thai dishes that are authentic in nature and a burst of flavors in the taste. The restaurant has a section that is known as the ‘blackboard special’ which is also quite popular.

The restaurant also has a system of BYOB. It literally translates into ‘Bring Your Own Booze/Bottle.’ So the next time you visit Singburi, you can carry your choice of beverage to the restaurant without any hesitation.


altering Fullback Restaurant

While many restaurants aim to focus on serving the best Thai food, Faltering Fullback offers a 360-degree experience of the whole Thai culture. One can expect varieties in Thai food with the inculcation of Thai grub.

The restaurant has a very chilled vibe where you can watch live sports also. The restaurant has its own Thai beer garden which is very beautifully grown and maintained. One can enjoy their choice of food while sitting in the garden. The garden alleviates the whole experience to another level.


Farang Restaurant

This particular restaurant started as pop-up street food at markets gained immense popularity with its authentic dishes. The chefs and founders at Farang believe in using fresh produce every day. Some loyal and local customers have said that Farang offers some best fulfilling meals.

The restaurant has also bagged many awards that are offered in the food industry. Farang has also been listed in the National Restaurants Award’s top 100. It has also received a Michelin Bib Gourmand, which is considered a mark of prestige in the industry.


101 Thai Kitchen Restaurant

A family-run restaurant that focuses on authentic flavors is what every foodie ever wants. 101 Thai Kitchen mainly focuses on the traditional dishes from southern Thailand that are very rare to find outside Thailand. The restaurant is also known to be quite eclectic with the dishes it offers.

Till now every Thai restaurant focused on the mainstream dishes, but 101 Thai Kitchen specializes in the off-beat dishes that Thailand has to offer. The chefs use homemade curry pastes that are rich in flavor. This restaurant should not be missed at any cost.


Pine Apple Restaurant

A place where one can chill on any day of the week is what we all need in this hectic world. The Pineapple offers something unique every day of the week. The Thai food of this place o+is authentic and flavorful at the same time.

One can enjoy the combination of British history and the Thai food together. The restaurant has Pub Quiz Mondays, Charity cheese Thursdays, and Cheap Tuesdays to name a few days of the week.


The Begging Bowl Restaurant

People who love adventures and are never afraid to try anything new will surely love The Begging Bowl. With an amalgamation of Eastern and Western flavors, this restaurant offers some unusual dishes for sure. The restaurant is also known for its exotic flavors.

The Begging Bowl experiments with traditional cuisine and makes it an altogether different dish. But all the dishes are equally flavorful that will tickle your taste buds for sure. A dish like ash-baked celeriac or gola-peanut charcoal grilled on a banana leaf will make you want to visit the restaurant again.


Champor-Champor Restaurant

Bohemian style with beautiful artifacts is the whole vibe of Champor-Champor. The restaurant is widely known for its exotic flavors and never forgetting the aroma of all the spices. Champor-Champor prides itself in serving some beautiful aromatic dishes with the use of authentic spices.

The ambiance of the restaurant is quite romantic with a beautiful candlelight setting. One can try their pan-fried tandoori prawn and chicken thigh green curry. Their dessert black rice pudding with mango ice pops is also quite popular amongst the locals.


When you cannot decide which Thai delicacy or which restaurant you want to visit, just refer to the list above that will definitely help with the decision-making process. The above-stated restaurants are the top 10 Thai restaurants in London.


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