10 Best Commuter Towns in London

Top 10 Commuter Towns in London

1. St Albans, Hertfordshire

St Albans Hertfordshire

Commuting daily to your work and back home is not an easy job. It is better if one finds it in a nearby location, for more accessible travel. Being so close to London it is only 20 minutes away by the fastest train. St Albans is the closest commuter town to London, and it is a lively place in all the contexts.

There are two squares designed with different houses; Gabriel Square and St Alban’s square. It has amazing places to visit, as it is rich in history. The Summers are a fun time, especially the months June, July, and August. This time is all about fests, concerts, folk festivals, etc. Everything is within walking distance, whether it is a shopping center, supermarket, etc

2. Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Hatfield Hertfordshire

Hatfield ranks in the top 5 commuter towns of Hertfordshire, mainly because it is regenerating. It offers many options for connectivity to the capital, yet it is away from the hustling world. For the residents, it is well connected with other areas; it also has started building shopping places and Galleria

This brings development into count, and building centers like shopping malls, small scale shops, etc. The living cost per family is quite low for being a London town. Unlike shopping centers, it even provides you a door-to-door facility. The train system is the easiest way to travel into the city life with the fastest train available in just 21 minutes. Even though it is a developing area and is away from the mundane lifestyle, it still offers you the benefits of living in this town at a low cost.

3. Reading, Berkshire

Reading Berkshire

Reading is one of the top 3 commuter towns that are popular among firms. This outside London town is lively and family-friendly. It welcomes you with all your heart for a nice living environment. It has the highest bidding annually, but it has some value and perks to be priced at a high amount.

It is a significant town for shopping centers, farmer’s markets. It is the gateway to the famous silicon valley and a host to IT firms. The area is built on various preferences, Caversham heights, lower Caversham, Caversham park village. East and west sides are cosmopolitan and valued a little lower. The fastest mode to reach London is via train in just 25 minutes, connecting you to the hustling world.

4. Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

Borehamwood Hertfordshire

Borehamwood is the perfect place for the new blood, closest to London. This will provide easy traveling on a daily basis with perfectly built homes to return to. Borehamwood and Elstree are valued at a rank relatively high as they are on the border of London. The houses built here are not low at a price like the train fares.

The trains are cheaper and a recommended transport mode for you. Elstree studios is also a factor that makes this place known to people. The town provides you with plenty of options in every field. The commute is easy, but you won’t need to travel all the time for some work. The fastest train is the best way to reach in time in just 20 minutes.

5. Iver, Buckinghamshire

Iver Buckinghamshire

Iver is the calmest of all the commuter towns; it is a lovely village with ancient churches and lanes. The environment and the area give this place a higher value. Even with higher house prices, they have good demand and are affordable than London’s average houses. It is only 25 minutes away via the fastest train transport; the frequency is still increasing.

You can enjoy the calm atmosphere of the countryside and urban connectivity as well. Heathrow is also a nearby location with a distance of 6 miles only.

6. Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Stevenage Hertfordshire

We’ve described Stevenage as an underrated option in the past because its house prices are comfortably the lowest on this list, but access into London is amongst the best in the county. The town is valued at a high price as it surrounds areas of attraction that have all the charm of the Old Town and greenery.

The mid-range and low-range houses are comfortable and close to London, and are easy to access. It has the fastest time for traveling, of 27 minutes via train that connects you to the hustle and bustle life of London.

7. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

This town lies in the valley of the River Wye that is surrounded by the countryside of the Chiltern Hills. The area is well built and developing still house prices are significantly lower than London’s average house listing. People are settling in this area, and it provides them with reputed schools, shopping centers, and expansion possibilities.

Cinema halls and theatres are also built in this area. High Wycombe to London can take less than half an hour. In total it takes only 27 minutes to reach London.

8. Horley, Surrey 

Horley Surrey

Horley is a dormitory town at the doorstep of Gatwick airport, Surrey. It has emerged and became the most successful location of a village in Surrey. Horley is an amazing place that offers you a mixture of rural charm and hustling town life. It relates you to London life with the houses built here in the town.

Surrey itself is a popular location that has made Horley a well-known area as well. This small town but a busy area is almost halfway between Brighton and London. It is an easy commuter, and one can reach there in no time, with an airport at a distance of 4 minutes.

9. Twyford, Berkshire

Twyford Berkshire

This town is located in the countryside of London and is in a developing mode yet known as ‘the village.’ The town provides all types of shops and owns everything from a modern world like pubs, bars, etc. It also offers a part-time job opportunity; it has a decent school and their school cricket team.

It provides easy traveling and commuting to city life. The town is close to the border, still has a lively surrounding that will give you peace from the mundane and hectic life. It holds some perks of being close to London and has tranquility in nature itself. The 30 minutes train is the fastest commute available for your easy traveling.

10. Redhill, Surrey

Redhill Surrey

Redhill is located in the middle of London and Brighton. It makes traveling easier for daily commuters by connecting them with the shortest distance of 30 minutes. It is the perfect town in Surrey. The bottom region of the town is quite affordable than others and has greenery and serenity. You can get Box Hill which is the summit of the North downs.

It is easy to reach there in just 20 minutes by car, and to London in only 30 minutes. It also provides good schooling to the young generation of the town and connects everything with ease.


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