Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Top 10 best Indian restaurants in London

Craving for your native food while you are in outside countries, there is always a savior for foods that we crave for. Varieties of dishes are available in Indian restaurants and so they are famous internationally. The spices of Indian food have left me astonished. So let’s take a look for the best Indian restaurants to satisfy your need for food!

Best Indian Restaurants in London

1. Dishoom


It is one of the most famous restaurants in the UK. It was formed in Mumbai where it was a tribute given to Irani cafes. They take you to the retro vibes and the ambience of the restaurant is nostalgic, perfect for the people looking for Indian cuisine.

They have deadly combinations of food and cocktails that leaves people visiting them astonished with their taste of food. This restaurant can be easily found and timings are also flexible.

Location: Kensington, shoreditch, king’s cross, carnaby, covent garden.

2. Indian Accent

Indian accent

They serve amazing food and is situated in the Mayfair that is the heart of London. They are famous for creating food with an explicit variety of Indian spice with so many techniques.

It’s menu has been designed by award winning chef Manish Malhotra who has amazing taste in food and believes in giving it to the people. It is considered as the best High-end restaurant because of its menu.

They also have a large carte menu that offers an 8 course tasting menu and 3 course menu. Its interior is typically designed taking Indian things in mind that leaves an impact on the people visiting the restaurant. Its location is accessible and timing is flexible.

Location: Mayfair

3. Masala Zone

Masala zone

Masala zone basically serves authentic Indian modern food in the UK at affordable prices. The place is very vibrant for the eyes with Rajasthan puppets, the view from the restaurant leaves everyone stunned and the interior doors are old styled.

They have a wide range of food such as street food, grills, biryanis, thalis, and curries made in India. With a number of cocktails. Looking for something spicy and different, this restaurant is rated at the top.

The location is accessible and timing is flexible. They have their branches over the UK which is quite famous.

Location: Bayswater, Camden, Covent garden, Earls court, Islington, Selfridges and Soho.

4. Quilon


It is considered as one of the most trending and old Indian cuisine restaurants that has been serving food since 1999. This Michelin star restaurant is famous ever since it got the star rating in 2008. It is on the south west coast of London.

They have a blend of the traditional with modern and unique taste of food. They have the most craving seafood ever can someone get. Also, the vegetarian food over there has a lot of variety. The star chef Sriram who is very famous has designed the mouth watering menu card.

They also have wine complimentary with the cuisine which is basically a world class list. The interior is natural with the aroma of nature’s fresh air. Looking for the perfect and affordable restaurant would be really helpful.

Location: Buckingham gate, London.

5. Benares


They have a unique yet creative way to mix two countries’ tastes and make it into one menu. They mix British ingredients to create Indian menu. It is the famous restaurant located in the heart that is Mayfair

It is the top most restaurant in London that everyone has to try. The menu card has the true essence of coming with great aroma and texture that comes with Indian spice. The benares restaurant has exotic colors of interior that matches the banaras city of India.

They also provide a la carte menu with a variety of food options that are amazing in taste and several dining options such as banares platter menu and pre theater set menu. These confuse people at times to try dishes and food is finger licking.

Location: Berkeley Square

6. Trishna


Located in the heart of Mayfair where different Indian restaurants are also present but this restaurant is one of the best restaurants amongst all. They deliver contemporary coastal food with an explicit wine list with it.

They have reasonably priced food tasting fresh, light and easily digestible food. It has a modern interior with mirrors and pendant lighting. The doors open to the street which is easily accessible and timings are flexible. Must visit a restaurant!

Location: Mayfair.

7. Dhaba @49

Dhaba @49

It is inspired by North Indian dhaba styled restaurant with amazing dishes. The dishes that are cooked look very vibrant in color and spicy as well. They have extravagant menu that people get confused while choosing a dish to eat.

The price is affordable. They also have chaat in their menu with veg and non veg food. They also serve wine, beers and amazing cocktails with the menu. The location is easily available and timings are flexible.

Location: Chippenham road, London.

8. Bombay bustle

Bombay bustle

They are inspired by dabbawalas in Mumbai city India, they have a huge chain of restaurants in UK. They have home cooked meals and menus have a la carte menu. They have family side of dishes with seasonal delights.

They have luxury interior that is suitable for dinner and quick lunch for people visiting this restaurant.

Location: Mayfair.

9. Jamavar


This restaurant received Michelin star within an year of opening the restaurant. They are called as culinary jewels that are lead by leela palaces, hotels and resorts. The place is divine and serves the most authentic Indian food ever in the UK.

The interior is filled with paintings and many more wooden pieces that makes the restaurant more like an Indian restaurant.

Location: Mayfair.

10. Taste of Nawab

Taste of Nawab

This the best Indian restaurant which is also oldest that is established in 1966with explicit spiced mouth drooling Indian and Bengals cuisine. Prepared specially by chef. They are specifically designed to suit nawabs.

The non veg food over there is amazing in taste. Must to visit restaurant.

Location: Muswell hill, London.

We really hope this was helpful information for you to find out whether the restaurants are must to visit and this article won’t let you down at any cost!


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