Top 10 Best Day Trip Spots to travel from London

Top 10 Best Day Trips to go to in London

Best day trips spots to travel from London

1. Windsor, England

Windsor, England

Windsor is home to Windsor Castle, the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. It is a place worth spending your day; this day trip destination is located in England . The most luxurious of all the places, this Castle is built with class quality material.

It serves one of the finest items of food, perfect portraits from Elizabeth’s times. You can do a lot of activities like getting ready and wearing dresses from old times.  The Castle is 100 feet tall, spread over 13 acres.

It was built over 1000 years ago with a breathtaking view. All visitors are allowed, and special care is taken of the disabled visitors.

2. Oxford and Stratford

Oxford and Stratford

Here is the place for Shakespeare’s admirers, one of the oldest buildings in England. This town is the birthplace of the world-famous poet William Shakespeare, and it has wonderful discoveries to watch and observe.

The Cotswolds is one of the spectacular landscapes in that area. For a complete tour of Oxford and Stratford, it will take you ten whole hours to experience the beauty of this place. Oxford is also the most famous university city in the world.

Also, the literature lovers would already know a lot about this, William Shakespeare, Alice in wonderland, and Harry Potter. The transport is amazing when you drive on luxurious vehicles, along with a guide to feed you all the information.

3. Bath


Roman and Georgian periods are the most affecting times for a place like Bath. which brought the famous Roman Bath and Georgian Bath into the knowledge of tourists and visitors.

Bath is a one-day or maximum of two days trip from London, and it is the top three places to visit for one day trip. t is a place for slow walks and noticing every location rather than preferring a vehicle for the journey.

The place also has hop-on and hop-off buses that come every 20 minutes. But the area is quite compact actually to travel by bus.

4. Leeds Castle and the Cliffs of Dover

Leeds Castle and the Cliffs of Dover

Leeds Castle is the fairy tale come true, a place for fairy tales lovers and believers. It has a beautiful garden with a riverside area; you get to see swans there.  This English countryside is worth spending your day, starting from the Garden of England.

Following the visits to Kent’s Leeds Castle, then the White Cliffs of Dover, and the Canterbury Cathedral.  The Castle is surrounded by a natural lake as a literature reader would know it as the most beautiful Castle in the world. The lake is then surrounded by 500 acres of gardens.

The following two places are also breathtaking, The Canterbury Cathedral, an Anglican church, and then comes 400 feet above sea level, the beautiful White Cliffs of Dover.

5. Brighton


Away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life of London, a Brighton day trip is a perfect way out. It is not far from London, just an hour by train. A short walk from the station to Brighton is the best thing and the first one to start your day with.

On your way from the station, you can visit the Trafalgar street art, where some amazing pieces have been drawn and painted. Treat musicians can be seen painted by artists.

For shopaholics, the North Laine is the most attractive part consisting of so many things like bohemian clothing, second-hand furniture, ornaments, vintage clothes, etc. Do not miss out on Kensington garden. There is so much more to see in this area and worth spending your day on.

6. Cambridge


Cambridge day trip is the perfect treasure you would want to see in order to step out of your mundane world. This day trip consists of everything historic, beautiful and ancient buildings still standing strong and all-powerful.

Cambridge is also popular like Oxford when it comes to university city. This university was built in 1209 with a generation of scholars coming up. This place is a peaceful area for the residence and the visitors as well.

People here prefer traveling around, wandering, or visiting the riverside area on bicycles. Some of the areas to start your day trip are the King’s Chapel,  Punting and University Tour, Pubs and river Cam side, The Round Church, etc.

7. Seaford and Seven Sisters Cliffs

Seaford and Seven Sisters Cliffs

It is fun to go on a day trip and just relax and enjoy the view and areas. The seven sisters and Seaford add more to such places with peaceful surroundings in the lap of nature. Seven sisters is a coastal area covering the area from Seaford to Eastbourne.

These consist of only hilly areas wherever you wish to go. There are smaller hills after every seven sister hills and are smaller in height. You must be quite a trekking person to travel through these hills; else, it will be a hard time and hard work for you. It is a walk of a total of 13 miles long.

8. Canterbury


Canterbury is a historic gem of Kent, just an hour away from London’s St. Pancras station. Not so far, isn’t it? So take a pause from the daily hustle and step into a relaxing and more mind-distracting day.

Western gate gardens followed by its towers, The Old Weavers House, The River Cruise are a few things to go to while starting your day tour. The crooked house is also a famous library or book house you could visit, a thing to see.

The Parrot pub is a famous cafe for visitors with peaceful surroundings surrounded by the neighborhood and nature. It is full of beauty, art, and knowledge, making it a beautiful historic site.

9. Ipswich, Suffolk

Ipswich, Suffolk

Ipswich is an interesting name to listen to or even speak, right? This place really is an area to travel on foot. It has some interesting names and places that are a must-see once in a lifetime. May to September is the best time to travel to this area.

With qualified guides you will get to see the grandma’s statue, river Orwell is one of the beautiful areas to visit, christ church mansion, town’s park. The evening could not be perfect without visiting cafes in the upfront with the best view and lighting.

Moody and would like to do some moves, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and…let’s step into Jerwood Dancehouse on the waterfront. If I say a wildlife area, Jimmy’s farm is a worth visiting place in this town.

10. Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Whether it is a short break or to go on a vacation is what you desire, but just away from work, office, and home. The day trips are the perfect thing to plan; it can turn into visiting 1 or 2 places or spending a weekend somewhere.

This place is an adventurous and family-friendly model village, zoo park, or farm park. There are places for animal lovers as well, a Donkey area, dogs place, etc. Being a dog parent, I would suggest it is the best weekend place to visit amongst all. It is nothing less than a land of attraction.


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