Best Lithium Battery for Golf Cart

Best Lithium Battery for Golf Cart

Golf carts are small vehicles that are designed to transport golfers around the golf course effortlessly. They come in multiple configurations based on the number of passengers a golf cart can carry. The smallest of them is a 2-seater golf cart while the largest is an 8-seater golf cart. Others include a 4-seater and a 6-seater.

Averagely, an electric golf cart cruising at about 15 miles per hour operates at 36 to 48 volts. It also draws about 50-70amp of current. The drain current may be higher when the golf cart is cruising uphill. For optimum performance, the golf cart batteries need to supply high current steadily for a long time. There are different types of golf-current batteries such as lead-acid, Absorbed Glass Mat, and Lithium-Ion. Lithium batteries have proven to be the best of all for golf carts. Below are some of the benefits of using Lithium Batteries on a golf cart.

Best Lithium Battery for Golf Cart

They Have A Long Lifespan

Other batteries undergo charge and discharge cycles and end up never getting fully charged to their initial charge capacity. This increases their wear and tear lowering their charge capacity. This affects its ability to power the golf cart even at full charge.

Best Lithium Battery for Golf Cart - They Have A Long Lifespan

The lithium batteries are the opposite since they last about ten times longer than other batteries. The charge and discharge cycle have no effect on the lifespan of the battery making it last longer. Lithium electric golf cart batteries for sale give a ten-year warranty. A warranty is higher than other batteries that give a two-year battery warranty.

They Are More Efficient

Lithium batteries have a flatter voltage curve compared to other batteries. For instance, lead-acid batteries can discharge to half of their capacity leading to a voltage drop that significantly affects the powering of your golf cart. In contrast, lithium batteries are able to discharge to almost empty with just a non-significant voltage drop. The lithium battery can power the golf cart to nearly the last drop of charge. They also charge faster compared to other batteries. Lithium batteries require the correct charger to charge for 2 hours for a substantial charge.

They Are Light-Weight

Lithium batteries are way lighter compared to other batteries such as lead-acid batteries. They are half the mass of other batteries such as lead-acid batteries yet they discharge more or equal power.

They Are Light-Weight

The battery weight also contributes to the weight of the golf cart – so the lighter the weight, the lighter the battery weight, the lighter the golf cart and the easy the mobility of the golf cart. It also allows for more time of operation and less time for charging. Their light weight makes them more flexible and easy to install.

They Are Safer

The thermal runway is one major risk associated with most batteries. It damages the battery and if not controlled can easily result in to fire outbreak. Most batteries lack the needed protection mechanism to protect the battery from thermal runaway. This makes them highly risky of fire and explosion. In contrast, lithium batteries are installed with a Battery Management System (BMS). Its major function is to regulate the temperature of the battery. It also monitors internal shorts and has the ability to shut down the battery when the thermal runway is detected.

The lead-acid for instance emits gas when charging hence it can only be charged in a dedicated place to prevent poisoning. On the other hand, lithium batteries have zero emissions and are eco-friendly. They are undoubtedly safe.

They Have A High Cycle Number.

A charge cycle means the time between a full charge and a discharge. Most batteries such as lead acid battery life are measured by the number of cycles. Most of them have a 500 to 1000 number of cycles. After completing these cycles, the batteries begin to experience performance problems.

They Have A High Cycle Number

The lithium batteries do not have a viable number of charge cycles. By an estimate, the lithium golf cart batteries can comfortably operate between 2000 and 5000 cycles. This number is way above any other golf cart battery.

They Have Low Maintenance

Lead-acid batteries attract high maintenance costs. These maintenances include water topping, the filling system, and the removal of oxide deposits from the terminals.  The topping water requires demineralization which is a cost on its own. When it comes to lithium batteries for a golf cart there are no infrastructural costs and no need for topping water. This eliminates the additional cost associated with the maintenance of the battery.

In Summary

A golf cart is an essential part of most golfers since it eases movement around the court. It helps save time and facilitates the safe movement of golf clubs around the court. Hence, its operation needs to be prioritized to ensure a smooth run. Upgrading to lithium golf cart batteries will ensure that there is a long, efficient and smooth operation of the golf cart.



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