Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In London

op 10 Secondary Schools In London

In today’s world, every child needs the best education in order to be happy and successful in life. Schools are built in order to teach children basic life skills. Education in today’s world has become of utmost importance as there is fierce competition amongst people.

But choosing a school is the first step towards building a bright future for your kid. Not every school is the best. It is not necessary that each and every school must have exceptional facilities in every area.

The Top 10 Secondary Schools in London.

1. Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

Church system schools are widely popular across London. Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School is one such school that is supported by the Church. The school specifically a boy’s school. It means that only boys are allowed to study in such schools.

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School does not have an entrance exam in order to secure admission to the school. But the school will ask for paperwork that will confirm your ward’s church attendance. The school has a reputable scoring percentage. After passing out the boys have either gone to Oxford or Cambridge.

2. Camden School For Girls

Camden School For Girls

Just as the name suggests, Camden School is a girl’s school where only girls are allowed to attend. The school is known for its exceptional music programs. Camden is also a school where the education is comprehensive. Comprehensive learning refers to learning where all the students are taught all the aspects of life.

For girls who have a knack for music, this school is extremely beneficial. The admission process that the school follows is a non-selective process. But potential students have to go through their banding test which will establish a certain band class for your ward.

3. Mossbourne Community Academy

Mossbourne Community Academy

A school that provides an overall learning scope not only in the education sector but in sports as well. Mossbourne Community Academy is one such school that does not differentiate between any sector of people and accepts everyone despite their social status.

The school prepares its students from an early age in various aspects. Mossbourne has an extensive program with different subjects to choose from. The school also focuses on many sports activities like Rowing amongst others. The music program is also a reputable one amongst other schools.

4. Queen Elizabeth’s School

Queen Elizabeth’s School

Another boy’s school that has been in the top 10 secondary schools is Queen Elizabeth. The school is known for its legacy that has been in the running for 400 years. Even after many years, the school has kept intact its schooling system.

The school focuses more on practical learning rather than rot learning. It also aims to inculcate certain values like excellence, resilience, substance, and self-development. Queen Elizabeth focuses on building better students rather than students who are just focused on themselves.

5. Wilson’s School

Wilson’s School

After being listed in the Times’ London State Secondary School of the Decade in the year 2020, Wilson’s School is one of the best schools in London for boys. The school focuses on practical learning rather than classroom learning. Wilson’s School is a state-funded school.

The admission process is done in two steps via the entrance examination method. Each year the school accepts 180 students through its process. Wilson’s School is one of the oldest grammar schools. The school follows the motto; Non Sibi Sed Omnibus which means ‘not for oneself, but for all.’

6. Fortismere School

Fortismere School

Fortismere is a school that has a system of co-ed which means that boys and girls are allowed to attend it together. The school takes pride in the fact that is laid out in 20 acres of space where the students can move freely in a very spacious manner.


Fortismere aims at innovative learning rather than the usual boring curriculum. The school also offers various extracurricular activities like chess, cricket, robotics, and many more. It also aims at making the students better human beings by inculcating values like empathy and kindness.

7. Holland Park School

Holland Park School

Another reputed co-ed school in the famous Holland Park is the Holland Park School. The school is known for its valuable ethics that have been passed down since the beginning of the school in 1958.

The school focuses on comprehensive learning where all the students are prepared for the world. The admission process is based on the catchment area where every student has to pass the Art and Design test after which the school decides in which band the student should be placed.

8. Wallington County Grammar School

Wallington County Grammar School

The school is one of the schools that has the highest results in terms of GCSE. Though the school is a boy’s school, its admits girls from the sixth form. Wallington County Grammar focuses on an engaging manner of teaching where the learning is a two-way road.

The admission process is based on the entrance tests. The school also offers many extracurricular activities. Wallington combines traditional education and modern technology where it provides the best of both.

9. Henrietta Barnett School

Henrietta Barnett School

The school was started in order to provide the best education to girls and improve the standard of every girl possible. Henrietta Barnett has been named as the ‘magnificent seven’ amongst various schools. The school is one such school that has high acceptance from Oxford.

The admission process is done in two stages where the first stage includes a computer-based test that tests the cognitive ability of the student. The second round includes a maths and English test wherein in the end, only the best are selected.

10. King’s College London Mathematics School

King’s College London Mathematics School

As the name suggests, the school focuses on the subject of maths. King’s College of Mathematics was inspired by the Russian School of Maths and Science. The school is very competitive in nature where they only admit the best after going through a rigorous entrance test.

After the entrance test, a potential student has to sit for an interview where their ability on various subjects is tested. Since the subjects are limited, the competition is very tough.


Now the next time you wonder to which school should your ward be admitted then this is the list for the top 10 secondary schools in London.


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