Top 10 Best Korean Restaurants In London

Top 10 Korean Restaurants In London

Food is one such thing that can lift your mood within seconds. It is also a great way that brings people closer without having to do much effort. One of the most popular types of food around the globe is Korean food.

Korean food is spread through different varieties. It is mostly known for its seafood, rice, and rice. Another preferred delicacy in Korea is Kimchi, which is made from fermented vegetables and spices.

The Top 10 Korean Restaurants In London.

1. Lime Orange

Lime Orange

Located in the heart of London, Victoria, Lime Orange is a family-oriented restaurant that serves some of the best Korean delicacies. The most famous dish one can have here is the Bibimbap. The starters are served in generous portions which are more than enough for one person.

One can also have a BBQ grill and noodles. The soups from Lime Orange are also the consumer’s favorites. The restaurant is pretty reasonable for its location. To enjoy a cozy lunch/dinner, make sure you pre-book your table.

2. Dotori


Expert in Asian cuisine, Dotori offers some of the best Korean dishes. The restaurant is located at Finsbury Park. One can order mix-match cuisines from the menu. The dishes are exceptionally made at pretty reasonable rates. One of the dishes that the customers love is the Vegetarian Bento Box that includes tofu among other vegetables.

3. Park’s Kitchen

Park’s Kitchen

This restaurant is known for its heavy meals at reasonable rates. The restaurant takes pride in the fact that they offer some lip-smacking dishes that are loaded with flavors. The burst of flavors makes one want to visit this restaurant time and again.

The dishes are quite simple with their outlook but once eaten then you can hardly ever forget them. Some of the best dishes that they serve are; Chicken Katsu, Deluxe Seafood Noodle Soup, and A Deep Fried Tofu Bowl.

4. Gogi Korean Bar And Grill

Gogi Korean Bar And Grill

BBQ dishes are everyone’s favorite. One of the best restaurants that feature BBQ grill in the most extensive way is Gogi. The restaurant prides itself on the meat dishes that they serve. Gogi in the Korean language means ‘meat’. From spicy soy chicken to their elaborate seafood platter every meat dish is unique on its own.

The restaurant also offers the classic Bulgogi. Bulgogi is typically beef that is thinly sliced and marinated, then served to the customers on the BBQ grill. The meat is prepared on the customer’s table and served in wrapped lettuce.

5. Kimchee


The restaurant is located in various places in London. Kimchi specializes in BBQ as well as other classic dishes. The restaurant is well-known for its chic environment. Though the restaurant gives out a high-class vibe, the dishes are priced at a reasonable rate.

From the classic bulgogi to beef tongue one can definitely expect a burst of flavors from this restaurant. Kimchee also offers some of its niche specialties. The eye-catching Tofu Udon is a dish you should definitely try out.

6. Koba


Elegance in a BBQ restaurant is something that is not seen nowadays. When someone says BBQ, the first thing that comes to your mind is huge grills with less elegance. Koba is one such restaurant that is elegant to the core and serves one of the best BBQ delicacies in London.

The restaurant is primarily known for its sophistication and elegant sitting space. Koba offers some of the best BBQ dishes such as; soy beef bulgogi, spicy chicken served with dumplings and rice, and Korean pancakes have a hint of BBQ element in it.

7. Jinjuu


Korean menu mixed with flavors all around the globe is the specialty of this restaurant. The restaurant is known for its eclectic menu that will surely tickle your taste buds. Just as Soho is known for its classy self, Jinjuu is a fine establishment situated in the heart of Soho.

The restaurant is well-known for its huge menus that might leave you confused at first but the dishes are definitely worth your money. Delicacies like seabass tempura, tofu sliders, and bulgogi beef are a hit with the customers. Jinjuu is also known for giving traditional dishes like pork belly and grilled lamb cutlets a contemporary twist.

8. Imone


Photogenic dishes along with the fine taste are a rare combination indeed. Imone is one such restaurant that delivers photogenic dishes that are full of flavor. The restaurant is also earning the reputation of being called ‘London’s Koreatown.’ Once eaten, you will definitely go back to have some more.

The dishes like seafood pancakes, fishcakes with ramen noodles, and beansprout soup are popular amongst the regulars. Not only these dishes, but the whole menu at Imone is worth every penny.

9. The Petite Coree

The Petite Coree

We all need that one restaurant in which we can just chill with our favorite people without having to worry about spoiling the ambiance of the place. The Petite Coree is a perfect place where you can hang out with as many people as you like. The restaurant offers a variety of plate sizes according to your choice.

The restaurant was initially marketed on the fact that it had one of the best Korean tapas. With its reputation already preceding it, The Petite Coree skyrocketed towards success and there has been no stopping since.

10. Naru


There is always a restaurant at a place that is popular amongst the tourists. Naru is one such restaurant. Now one may wonder that if it is a tourist attraction then the quality may or may not be good. But Naru has definitely made sure that it lives up to its standards.

The restaurant got its first popularity due to its bibimbap. Then the restaurant started mixing different flavors that were like an instant hit.


The next time when you cannot decide which Korean delicacy or which restaurant do you want to visit, then just refer to the list above that will definitely help with the decision-making process. The above-stated restaurants are the top 10 Korean restaurants in London.


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