The Best Tool Bags to Easily Carry Your Tools

The Best Tool Bags to Easily Carry Your Tools

One of the best ways to keep tools organized is to have them all kept in a convenient toolbox, though if you need to take them anywhere a toolbox is not the best way to do so. This is where a tool bag comes in handy, as they tend to be much easier to carry and all necessary items can be securely and neatly stored within them. But what are the best tool bags with which to easily carry your tools?

There are a number of different types of tool bags to choose from – backpack, bucket and duffel.

The Best Tool Bags to Easily Carry Your Tools

1. Backpack

A backpack tool bag is an easy and convenient method of carrying tools, particularly for those who have to do so regularly. The bags are so easy to carry because of the dual straps that the user can loop over their arms.

Check to make sure the straps come with good cushioning and support to make sure your shoulders will be protected and there should also be extra straps on the bag for back protection purposes. These backpacks are not only for the purpose of carrying tools but also for the trecking and adrenaline-fueled adventure lovers who need more space to carry a number of tools and gadgets.

The Best Tool Bags to Easily Carry Your Tools - Backpack

Backpack tool bags differ from standard backpacks by usually having a number of organisational pockets to ensure tools remain organised while in the bag. This makes it simple to just open the bag and find what you need on display and within reach.

2. Bucket

A bucket tool bag is one of the best options for those who need to keep a small array of tools with them for work, such as a lineman/lineworker or someone in the rubbish removal industry. The bucket allows for the necessary tools to stay with you to prevent constant trips to the truck.

Bucket bags are shaped like open buckets complete with handles for carrying or a shoulder/cross-body strap. There are also usually a number of small pockets that line the interior and exterior of the bucket, with the flat bottom being constructed from a durable material such as polypropylene fabric and containing drain holes.

3. Duffel

Those with lots of tools or large pieces of equipment used in the plumbing companies can choose a duffel tool bag. These big bags come in a wide array of different sizes but all have the general appearance of a standard tool bag when viewed from the outside. Duffel tool bags come with a long carrying strap and two shorter ones.

Duffel bag

Make sure you purchase a duffel tool bag that comes with reinforcements at the points where the straps connect to the bag. The durability of the zipper should also be paid close attention to as it is important to be able to securely close the bag. The pockets also need to be checked as while some come with open pockets both inside and outside, others will only have space dividers inside.

Key features of the best tool bags

The best tool bags will all come with certain key features. These features include a large storage capacity, durable and tough construction materials, and the ability to get organised via multiple pockets and compartments.

The best tool bags help users to stay organised and bring more tools along with them when they have to move from place to place.


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