Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Noise – What Causes it and How to stop it?

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Noise - What Causes it and How to stop it

Sewage treatment plants are commonly found in households today. These plants are a brilliant device to protect the environment and treat the waste that is emitted by a property.

Commercial sewage treatment plants are much bigger in size and make a constant humming sound. Now given the fact that commercial properties are usually noisy, this sound does not affect the people on the property.

However, when it comes to domestic sewage treatment plant noise it can cause a lot of problems to the people living in a house. Moreover, this constant humming noise needs to be eradicated as it may also annoy anyone living close to the sewage treatment plant.

Therefore in this article, we will tell you all about the causes of domestic sewage treatment plant noise and help you with solutions to get rid of it

The Causes of Sewage Treatment Plant Noise

Now before we talk about sewage treatment plant noise reduction, let’s find out about the causes of these noises.

The Humming Noise

Normal domestic sewage treatment plants usually emit a meek, constant humming noise during the aeration process of the water clearance treatment.

The aeration system in the sewage treatment plant pumps oxygen into the sewage in order to help the bacteria break down toxic elements in the wastewater.

The Humming Noise

The oxygen is pushed into the water with the help of an air blower situated in the air blower housing.

This air blower collects the oxygen from the atmosphere and releases it into the sewage treatment plant.  Thus, the process of sewage treatment results in the septic tank humming noise.

The Gurgling Noise

If your septic tank is making a  gurgling noise then the case is completely different. A gurgling noise is not the result of the normal functions of your septic tank.

Therefore if you hear this noise coming out of your sewage treatment device, it means that the tank is full of solids and hence, isn’t able to treat the waste clearance properly.

The Loud Whirring Noise

If you hear a constant, very loud whirring noise that is louder than a usual humming sound, then the case is slightly different.

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Noise - The Loud Whirring Noise

This is probably a sign that your air compressor (AKA air blower) is getting old or malfunctioning. This can be taken care of with a few tips and tricks that we will explore in the next section of this blog.

How to Stop Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Noise?

For every sound mentioned in the above section, we have a solution. When it comes to sewage treatment plant noise reduction, the tips to keep in mind that may or may not need professional help. Now let us discover how to stop domestic sewage treatment plant noise.

Acoustic Vibration Reduction Unit

In order to reduce and deafen the humming noise that comes from the normal functions of the sewage treatment plant, you shall need an AVR unit.

An Acoustic Vibration Reduction Unit is a device especially manufactured to silence the noise coming from your air compressor. Simply installing it in your sewage system will effectively reduce the noise and let you relax in your garden.

Get Professional Help

In case of gurgling noise, we suggest letting a plumber take a look at the insides of your domestic sewage treatment plant.

Get Professional Help

They might find that it is overloaded with too many solids and needs to be pumped. Furthermore, they might also find other types of failures within the system that need to be rectified.

Add Cushioning or Change the Compressor

You can either add some cushioning or padding next to the air blower with the help of a small mat or an old cushion.

This cushion will absorb the vibration and reduce the noise. If that doesn’t work either, you can simply change the housing or the blower and install a new one.


Well, now that you know all about the causes and solutions of domestic sewage treatment plant noise, it’s time you efficiently solve your problem.

If you realise that your noise problem is the product of the normal functions of your air compressor, you can just get an AVR unit and remove the annoying noise.


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