10 Online Escape Room Games for Kids

10 online escape rooms for kids

Escape rooms have allowed a lot of people to entertain themselves and their families during this lockdown. The immersive and engaging part of escape rooms has helped not only adults but kids as well to pass their time.

Escape rooms have, since their inception being a physical structure that depends on the immersion and fun to entertain.  Online, digital, and virtual escape rooms have allowed a lot of people to access them without leaving their homes. What could have been a trip once is now a click away.

Let us look at the 10 best and most amazing online escape room games that your kids can enjoy. The ongoing pandemic has made a lot of services online, and escape rooms are not an exception.

1. Bank Heist 

Bank HeistA lot of escape rooms are bound by a clock. For 60 minutes, you need to enter into the bank and then rob it before time runs out. With the rise in the popularity of the concept of heists and robberies thanks to media, a lot of escape rooms are opting for this theme. In this online escape room, you unlock a safe and loot all the belonging within. This virtual heist is quite fun and meant for all ages.

2. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Harry Potter has been a classic children’s novel for more years now. A lot of escape room like this one is aimed at exploring the magical world of harry potter. This online escape room has a lot of references to the original series. With some fun and entertaining puzzles, you should definitely check this one out.

3. The Mandalorian Escape Room

The Mandalorian Escape roomAdventure and fantasy-themed escape rooms are quite popular and quite loved by a lot of people. Star Wars is perhaps one of the biggest adventures and sci-fi series. This Mandalorian-based escape room is going to be quite a popular hit with your kids. You will have a lot of fun with this one with your kids.

4. Minecraft online escape Room

minecraft online escape room Minecraft is a popular game that is quite good. You could actually make escape rooms in that game and have fun.  This escape room is filled with puzzles, quizzes, and video puzzles to keep your kids engaged.

5. Avengers Escape from Hydra Base online Escape Room

Marvel franchise is a growing and big franchise. Not only has it spawned a number of video games and movies, but a number of escape games have also popped up. This online escape room is filled with references and puzzles that your kids and even you will love.

6. Pikachu’s Rescue Online Escape Room

Pikachu's rescue online escape room Pikachu’s Rescue is a beloved character in media and online. A lot of people will instantly recognize Pikachu and know where it is from. This online escape room allows you to rescue the famed mascot. Can you help this mascot escape and save him? A fun time is guaranteed with this one.

7. Ancient Egypt Tomb Challenge Online Escape Room

As said before, adventure-themed escape rooms are quite popular. Kids love exploring and finding things.  This 1999 mummy-inspired online escape room will help you go on a big adventure in Egypt. Solve some great puzzles and have a great time with your kids.

8. Birthday Virtual Online Escape Rooms

Due to the pandemic, a lot of festivities and social functions have been put on hold, and this meant that even birthdays were not being celebrated. These things matter a lot to kids, and this online escape room is a good solution to that. This escape game is great for kids. In this online escape room experience, you can actually have a virtual party on your kid’s birthday.  This online escape room has elements of treasure hunt, solving puzzles, and having fun. Definitely worth a try.

9. The Panic Room Online – Alchmystery

The Panic Room is a great online escape room place. While a lot of escape rooms are adventure-based in this list, alchemystery is based around various curriculum for kids. Puzzles and themes revolving around maths, English Science, and more. Kids aged 8-12 can participate in this fun and an exciting online escape room.

10. Rogue Agent – Escape Live

This fun and exciting online escape room experience lets you live out one of the biggest fantasies people ever have.  From saving the world to being a super cool spy, this online escape room lets you do that. Watch as your kids become super cool spies and have a great time in this escape room.


Accessibility of escape rooms has just increased day by day. Once, when people had to travel entire countries to get to one, they could now simply play them from their laptops. The pandemic made it difficult for escape room enthusiast to play their favorite game, and physical distancing made it difficult for people to have fun. But online escape rooms have helped a lot of people, especially kids. These 10 online escape rooms are quite amazing and worth your and your kid’s time.


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