9 Escape Room Tips – Proven Strategies to Beat any Escape Room Like a Pro

9 Escape Room Tips - Proven Strategies to Beat any Escape Room Like a Pro

Are you stuck in your local escape rooms? Do you find it difficult to escape while you feel the puzzles get tougher at each stage? Escape rooms are more about how you approach them rather than winning them. Your approach will decide the outcome.

As a newbie, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed by everything and end up failing. However, once you get used to it, you will learn some useful strategies and tips to help you in tough situations.

Below are 9 escape room tips and strategies that will help you beat any escape room like a pro. This obviously means that you will obviously need some kind of experience in the escape room department to even understand how they work.

1. A Good Team

a good teamEscape rooms are not individual activities, and you need a good and active group of people to participate with you. If you wish to play with people, you should ensure that you find a bunch of good people.  Your best and safest bet is your close friends. The next priority should be family, and then you could hope for random teammates.

Depending upon the size of the room, you should pick a good number of people too.  The important thing is to coordinate with your team members and to ensure that everyone can perform under pressure.

2. Learn Time Management

Time Management is a crucial tip that you will need to practice and learn. But it is a tip that will help you a lot in your escape room adventures. A great idea would be to keep track of your time once you get in. while most escape rooms provide a clock, you should keep track of minute things, such as time taken to solve puzzles or time taken to solve a riddle and etc.

3. Always Learn the Lore

If you take part in a fantasy escape room, you need to understand that you will need to understand the lore. This is because the lore may give you hints and tips you might need to solve a particular puzzle. Another important point is that you might be portraying a character at some point. This means that if you don’t understand the lore, you will not do justice as that character and might miss out on some key clues. Plus, it is more fun and immersive to know the lore and everything.

4. Plan Ahead of Your Game

plan ahead of your gameIt is important to keep a plan or game sheet ahead of your escape game. The main reasoning behind this is that escape rooms have a simple concept of puzzles and riddles and hidden items.  Thus, if you divide the work and assign a task before you go into the room, once inside, you will not spend a lot of your crucial time explaining things.

5. Learn to Communicate

Communication is one of the most essential skills for passing escape rooms. Whether you find hidden items, solve puzzles, you will need to communicate in order to succeed.  One important tip is to come up with keywords or signs with your partner.

6. Learn to Embrace the Clues

Clues that are provided by the game masters are there to be used. This means that if you are stuck in a bad situation, you should swallow your ego and just ask for clues. This is an important part of your escape room. Escape rooms are puzzle-based rooms where you might need clues and hints. Always use them, they are there to help you.

7. Learn to Sort Yourself Out

It is important to understand that not everyone engages with a single puzzle while you are in the room. It is advisable that no more than 2 people engage with just one puzzle. This will eat your time, while you could use the extra help to find clues. This is quite important since you can easily divide the room into sections as well and have just some people focus on a particular section and this option will save a lot of time.

8. Learn to Ignore

learn to ignore 

Escape rooms have a variety of ways to distract you. From fake puzzles and distracting posts, you will have to learn how to ignore all these signs. This is a tip that you need to take seriously, or else you will end up losing a lot of time and ultimately losing the escape room.

9. Don’t Overthink

This is a tip that you need to learn and embed in your brain. No matter how smart or capable you are, don’t overthink your way out of puzzles, and this is something that you should take seriously.  While most people will tell you to be creative, analytical, you need to understand that most solutions are hidden in plain sight and are quite simple and you just need to think of the right angle.


These 9 escape room tips and strategies will help you in understanding how to approach your escape room. Don’t be afraid to lose during your escape room runs. Escape rooms are structured in a way that either through sheer luck and genius, you will breeze past your first escape room, or you will need to fail 10 escape rooms before you win 1. Remember to have fun and maintain a positive attitude towards your game and team.


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