Essential Tools That You Need in Your Home

Essential Tools That You Need in Your Home

The coronavirus pandemic had a profound impact on numerous industries through 2020, and while this was largely negative, the demand for DIY products and home improvement equipment grew exponentially as people were required to spend more time at home.

Between March 9th and 15th alone, online sales of home improvement and gardening retail products grew by almost 50% compared to the same period in 2019, and while growth has slowed slightly since, this remains a relatively buoyant and progressive marketplace.

But what are the key, universal tools that every homeowner should keep on their property? Here are a few to keep in mind.

Essential Tools That You Need in Your Home

1. Screwdrivers

Essential Tools That You Need in Your Home - Screwdrivers

A purposeful and well-stocked screwdriver set is central in any home, as this can play a key role in everything from tightening screws and quick DIY fixes to larger scale construction projects and builds. The key here is to ensure that you have a diverse range of screwdrivers included, so that you can work with both flat and cross head screws of different sizes. 

2. A Hammer

Hammers include two elements that are useful from a DIY perspective; namely the head that’s used to insert nails forcibly and a rip claw for pulling out nails or wall plugs when required. According to experts, you should invest in a medium weight rip claw hammer, which is easy to use and handle while being suitable for most domestic applications. 

3. Electric Drill

Electric Drill

You should also own an electric (and ideally cordless) drill in your home, with this flexible and convenient tool used for a wide range of construction and DIY tasks. Of all the various products of this type on the market, a 12-volt cordless drill is the single most usable and versatile option, with this one of many items included in the Milwaukee tools range.

4. Wrenches

Just like screwdrivers, you should strive to own quite a few different wrenches as part of your essential tool kit in your tool bags, due to the range of domestic fittings used. These should include an Allen wrench, an open-end wrench and a combination wrench, the latter of which features an open end and another socket end for multipurpose use. 

5. A Hand Saw

A Hand Saw

While a hand saw may not seem like an essential tool in the digital age, it can provide a quick and simple way of making quick and clean cuts in all types of wood. Make no mistake; handsaws are lightweight, safe and easy to handle, while the fact that they can be used to complete small and awkward jobs makes them an ideal alternative to power saws in some instances.



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