20 Free Online Libraries for All Kinds of Students

20 Online Libraries for All Kinds of Students

Learning through books has become the traditional method of learning, but now, people can learn digitally with ease through online libraries. Instead of piling up books, getting essay help, and scratching your heads for assignments, you can learn through online devices very conveniently.

However, it’s a shame that most people are not even aware of the plethora of online libraries we have on the internet. So today, we will introduce to you some of the best online libraries, which are pretty underrated. Once exposed to this, you will not need an essay typer or assistance as you will learn yourself with ease.

1.The National Digital Library of India

The national library of India

The national digital library of India is the one place where any students can find any resource they need, inclusive of all Indian languages. Starting from humanities, science, English, history, there is no subject left that is absent here. There are books, journals, news, audiobooks, research papers, and much more available here.

2. World Digital Library

World Digital Library

World digital library is the best place to know about worlds history and intercultural texts. Anyone interested in history will be fond of this place. It has books starting from 800 BC to 2000 and has books from over 193 countries.

3. Online Books Page

The Online Book page

The online books page is an online library that the University of Pennsylvania manages. This place has over 3000 books available for books lovers to read for free.

4. Questia


Questia is the first online library that we are mentioning here, which requires a premium membership. Anyone without a membership can gain access to over 5000 books. It not only consists of books, but there are also journals, news, and other informational content on their website.

5. California Digital Library

California Digital library

California is the best place for actual book lovers. It consists of books in very advanced forms, which allows readers to flip the pages while reading. In addition, it has impressive books presented in a unique way for hardcore book lovers.

6. Authorama


The authorama is the place of getting free books from different authors. It has a compilation of many books from famous authors worldwide. Chances are, any books which you cannot find online can easily find here. It is a free public domain that also allows XHTML format to save the texts and illustrations.

7. Read Print


People who love to read books and like to interact with people who enjoy the same can go to Read library. Here you can enjoy some fantastic books and also in their books groups to meet like-minded people.

8. Holiday House

Holiday House

This is again a fantastic platform for book lovers. Many famous books are available for students, teachers, book lovers, and people who genuinely enjoy reading them.



NPTEL is a YouTube learning platform for students. Here students can learn any courses starting from engineering to medical too. It is learning through video form, which everyone loves.

10. Geogebra


Geogebra is specifically just focused on learning maths. Here geometry, algebra,  and everything related to math can be quickly learned.

11. Animations Illustrations

Animations and illustrations

Geogebra is specifically just focused on learning maths. Here geometry, algebra,  and everything related to math can be quickly learned.

12. British Council

British Council

If you are poor in English, then learning English has never been easier. Here you can learn English quickly without any hassle. They have learning lessons, practices, podcasts, and various tools to rapidly improve your speaking and writing English skills.

13. Duolingo


Are you a fan of learning new languages? Then this place is for you. Here you can learn Portuguese, Spanish, French, and any language easily. They have over 30 + languages to assist you. In addition, they have learning tests, resources, and exciting lessons for you to make you a pro in reading.

14. Coursera


If you are interested in your courses online, then this is an excellent place for you. Here you have over 20 + degrees leaded by professionals who help you learn any course with ease. They provide certificates and also have company placement offers.

15. Click and Learn

Click and learn

If you are a fan of learning anything through videos and samples, this is your place. Here you get to know through videos which is much more fun. There are tutorials for any topic, plus it is free, which is fantastic.

16. Wonder Stories

Wonder Stories

Wonder stories are a great learning platform for lids. There they have stories along with questions which keeps the kids interactive and generates curiosity about the topic. Making kids learn like schools online has never been much easier than this.

17. Purple Mash

Purple Mash

Suppose you love to read by adding innovations, then Purple mash is just for you. This is for primary schools students where lessons are tight with technology making it more fun. Here they have award-winning teachers who even teach students basic things like writing an email, blog, etc.

18. Chest of Books

Chest of Books

As the name suggests, a Chest of books is your one place to get a book on all kinds of topics like architecture, biology, arts, history, and much more. They also have specific topics instead of entire books to make learning more concise.

19. Hippocampus


If you are a fan of learning only through videos, then this place is for you. Hippo campus has over  7000 free videos in 13 subject areas, including math, science, etc. anything which you can learn through books can earn through videos here.

20. Prodigy


Another fun way of learning is through prodigy. Here the students can learn through playing games and quizzes. Students can play tons of games and learn new things instead of just reading through books. If you are someone who enjoys learning like this, then you have to check out prodigy.

Here we are, with over 20+ online libraries for you. Based on what you want to learn and how you want to know t we have got everything covered for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning now.

Parting Thoughts

A big part of a student’s life consists of learning. Understanding this, there are many online libraries introduced that have made learning possible for students worldwide. So now, you do not have to rely solely on hardcopies and learn through online platforms by sitting at your home.


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