5 Fun Team Building Games and Activities to Entertain Your Co-Workers

5 Fun Team Building Games and Activities to Entertain Your Co-Workers

While it’s important to work, team building games and activities are a must to achieve success in your company. It helps you to form bonds with your team members, making it easier for everyone to work on projects together.

However, you need to pick engaging games or your team won’t be invested and it’ll be a waste of time for you and your colleagues. To help you out, we’ve created a list of interesting team building activities that’ll get your co-workers engaged.

With these games, you’re bound to create memories and some fun moments that’ll have your team talking about it for days.

Let’s take a look!

5 Fun Team Building Games and Activities to Entertain Your Co-Workers

1. Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building Activities

There no better way to spend a day out of the office to bond with your co-workers. This can include going trekking or camping in the woods. These adventures create interesting scenarios for your team members where they need to co-operate and work together.

You can also try something orthodox like Avalanche Adrenaline Fueled Adventure’s corporate team building Leicestershire activities, where your team is bound to talk and have some fun. These outdoor activities require some planning and thinking to pull it off successfully.

It’s a fantastic idea to try out if you want to take a day off from the hectic office life to something unique and fun.

2. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

This team bonding activity will compel your employees to use their leadership skills, teamwork, and logic. Escape room games have grown in popularity as a corporate bonding event for companies around the world.

In an escape room, a group of people will be locked inside for an hour. Within this time, they have to find hidden clues, solve brain games puzzles and use objects to find the key that opens the door.

There are several escape rooms adventures in the United Kingdom that you can book, or you can even hire a service to create one for you. Try dividing your team members into groups and create a competition to see who can get out the quickest.

Regardless, escape rooms are a great way to spend a corporate day out and will create some fun memories among your co-workers.

3. Mystery Dinners

Mystery Dinner

Mystery dinners are a great idea when you’re planning a corporate day out for your team. In this activity, you will send a group of people from different teams and departments in your business for dinner someplace nice.

It will be a company-sponsored dinner, and it will be hosted by one of your employees. These gatherings will allow random people from the company to spend an evening together and learn about each other with good food and conversations. For instance, the digital marketing team meeting up and chatting with the finance department!

The mystery part of the dinner is your team members will only know the date and time of the gathering. In other words, only one person knows the location and will guide everyone else to the place.

To make it easier for the participants, you can send them an email with the location of the restaurant and who’ll they will be going with, so they can arrange how they can get there together.

4. Online Games

When it’s difficult to arrange a fun outing, you can always opt for fun games you can play online. In the work from home culture, this is one of the best ways to wind down and have fun with your team. There are several online games you can play with your co-workers without paying a single penny.

All you and the participants have to do is have their computer or laptop with internet and you’re ready to have a great time! Our personal recommendations are Skribbl and Codenames. These games are competitive and you’re bound to have a good time trying to beat your co-workers.

If you are looking for something intense then Among Us is a great choice. You can also experiment with classics like Uno and Chain Reaction. For a good laugh, Cards Against Humanity is hands down the best game!

To Sum Up

Regardless of the games and activities you choose, you need to be a good sport and try to get everyone involved. There is no point in organising these outings or game sessions if you or your team isn’t immersed and involved in having a good laugh with their work friends.

The activities mentioned above tend to give a slight push to every participant to get involved and interact with each other. All you need to do is bring up the positive energy and your team is bound to have a good time.

Now, go ahead and plan an amazing game night for your co-workers to have a great time at work!


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