5 Lessons Learned In The Escape Room That You Can Apply In Your Everyday Life

5 Lessons Learned In The Escape Room That You Can Apply In Your Everyday Life

Escape rooms are fun-filled rooms that are capable of immersing and engaging their participants with their themes and puzzles. Escape rooms are easily accessible and great for all ages, making them inclusive and a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.

Escape rooms have become quite popular as an activity that people engage in. Escape rooms are fun, immersive, and efficient when it comes to time consumption. Most escape rooms last for only about 60 minutes. Making them good for people who like quick adventurous activities.

But escape rooms are more than that, and they are actually quite adept at teaching you a few life lessons in the 60 minutes you spend there. These live-action roles playing games are made in a way that helps you learn some great skills that help you in your life.

Thus, below is a list of 5 lessons that you can learn in an escape room and which you will be able to use in your everyday life. These lessons will help you a lot as you learn and implement these skills from your personal life to your work life.

1. You Will Learn Communication

You will learn CommunicationThe number lesson on our list is communication. The lesson you will learn is that communication is an important skill. You will learn when, how and how much you need to communicate.

In a confined space, being a loudmouth is detrimental to your success. Being shy and not speaking is equally bad. You will need to learn how to communicate effectively. Escape rooms teach you this lesson since a lot of puzzles need more than one person to contribute.

A lot of escape rooms also depend on hidden items and findings to be made known to everyone in the room. In such situations where there is a time limit, you need to learn to communicate effectively. This is a skill that helps a lot in everyday life as well as a lot of professions.

2. Lesson Two is Co-ordination

Coordination is a skill. It is a soft skill but still a skill nonetheless. You will learn this lesson once you understand that you alone cannot win the escape room, and there are theoretically no single winner and a loser in an escape room.

Escape rooms are a group activity, and you need to win it as a group. This means that you need to learn how to coordinate with a lot of people and act in a single big unit.

This is a lesson that a lot of people don’t learn until later in life. It is a skill that is quite helpful for people in their everyday life.

3. Being Patient is an Important Lesson

Being patient is an important lessonAn important lesson we learn is that patience is an integral factor of an escape room. When you are trapped in an escape room, patience is a virtue that you need to exercise wisely.

This is because you are trapped in a room with 60 minutes to escape, and the only way to escape is to solve puzzles. Being impatient will not allow you to think logically and won’t allow you to have fun. Getting angry might also affect your teamwork and coordination with other players.

Besides, being an impatient person is not recommended even in real life. Patience is a virtue that needs to be exercised by people in their day-to-day life.

4. It is Good to Keep Your Brain Working

Escape rooms are filled with difficult puzzles and riddles. Not only do you need to use creative thinking, but your analytical skills are also used a lot. This is a lesson since under no circumstances should our brain work at below optimal levels.

This lesson is especially helpful in competitive fields where you need to constantly be the best to survive. Healthy competition is good, and keeping your brain sharp for that is the key.

Such brain exercises like the escape room allow us to keep our brains sharp and fit, making informed and smart decisions in our lives.

5. Having Fun is the Most Important Lesson

Having fun is the most important lessonLife is short, you can either spend crying and sulking over things, or you can make the most out of it and enjoy it. Escape rooms, too, are short and meant primarily for having fun, and you can either go through them sad or go through them happy.

But there is fun to be had in this activity, and if you go through the sad, you have defeated the purpose for which escape rooms were built. If you are sad about your failures, don’t worry, you will get plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself.

This is why a lot of people give up in their maiden escape room, and they don’t have fun and give up. However, you need to adapt to escape rooms before you start enjoying them, this is because not everyone likes puzzles and riddles.

Whatever and wherever you go and stay in your life, giving up and not having fun is a bad idea and philosophy. Be positive and learn to have fun in your life is perhaps one of the greatest lessons you can learn from an escape room.


We learn a lot from our surroundings, nature, people, society, and games. Escape rooms have a similar learning effect on us, and these 5 lessons that we learn through escape rooms are perhaps some of the best ones.

These 5 lessons are simply too important and amazing to not use in your daily life. Hopefully, when you become an escape room enthusiast, you will experience these lessons as well.


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