6 Unavoidable Ways SEO Plays An Integral Role in Digital Marketing

6 Undeniable ways SEO plays an integral role in digital marketing

If your job is related to digital marketing, chances are you must have heard of SEO unless you were living under a rock until now. Whether you need essay help or hire an essay writer, everything is available on the web. All you have to do is type the keyword on the search box and get the relevant results on the SERPs. In fact, 68% of online experience begins with a search engine. Google is said to generate 3.5 billion searches each day, and the volume of searches grows by about 10% every year.

In short, for an online business to succeed, it should appear in the Google SERPs. And that is possible through SEO. Still, sounds confusing? Well, here are the six major ways SEO plays an integral role in digital marketing.

1. Improves the online visibility of your business

Improves online Visibility

Implementing SEO in your marketing strategy means you will be marketing your business to thousands of people. Every second, 67,000 people conduct an online search. Traditional marketing strategies market your business to a limited population. SEO, on the contrary, makes your online business available to an expansive user base. This gives you a higher chance of attracting potential customers and earning more conversions. The lack of SEO may make it almost impossible for your target audience to even know that your business exists.

What does online visibility mean to a business?

  • Online visibility is the overall presence of your brand in the general consumer environment. How do you expect your target audience to find you if your business isn’t seen online? SEO can bring your business name in front of thousands of potential clients.
  • A successful online business has a considerable number of website visitors. Marketers then convert these visitors into paying customers eventually.

There are several ways an online business can use SEO to improve its online visibility. The common SEO strategies are keyword linking, using long-tail ad short-tail keywords, and interaction with followers on social media.

2. Increases your website traffic

Increases Website Traffic

One of the main goals of SEO is to increase your website traffic. Increased web traffic leads to better website rankings and visibility automatically. The first ranking page of Google encounters almost 33% of clicks, whereas the first five results get at least 75% of all clicks. 53.3% of web traffic comes from organic search. 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Images, Google Search, and Google Maps. Your website can get 1000% more traffic than organic social media through SEO. These statistics show the minimum amount of traffic that you can expect once SEO is done on your website.

Some tips to increase organic site traffic

  • Optimize for your readers and not for search engines

Start by writing your buyer persona to identify to whom you are addressing the content. Create quality informative content that can resonate with your target audience.

  • Blog daily

Blogging is an effective way to increase our organic traffic. You can go into more depth than your website allows. Blogging lets you create a wide slew of persona-oriented content relevant to your market niche.

  • Use long-tail keywords

It is better not to use only the most popular keywords relevant to your nature of business. Use keywords that are more specific to your nature of business.

3. Encourage incoming links

Try acquiring as many incoming links as possible from trustworthy sites to boost your rankings on Google. You can also ask your friends, industry mavens, family members, or partners to link to your site.

4. Create quality content consistently

You should create consistent content to bring in more organic traffic to your website. The consistency of content matters but not at the cost of the quality of content. You must have worked hard to build that website. What if the site doesn’t get any traffic or visitors? Wouldn’t that take a toll on your mental peace? Thus, get the SEO strategies right to increase traffic to your website.

5. Enhances the user experience of websites

Enhances user experience of website

Google had rolled out a new algorithm according to which the user experience of your website can help you rank higher on search engines. You need to understand how SEO works to get this idea. Search engines intend to provide the best results to their users. Thus, the engines also take the user experience of your website into consideration to make sure users get websites that perform well both on mobile devices and desktops.

What are the other factors that improve a website user experience?

  • Use white space- According to Crazy Egg, user attention on a website can be increased by 20% with white spaces around text and titles. The right use of white space makes your website feel fresh, modern, and open.
  • Optimize the page speed- You don’t want your website visitors to wait for the webpage to load for too long. Do you? Optimization of the page speed ensures that your users will get a fast result of the content they want.
  • Use impressive calls to action- CTAs make it easier for your website visitors to navigate your site. They can get exactly what they are looking for in the location they expect to find it.
  • Use hyperlink differentiation- You can add links to any page where you want the user to click. The links should be easily identifiable with the help of visual clues.

Besides SEO, you need to work on all these factors too to improve the UX of your website. Remember, search engines will not rank your website on the first page if your website’s performance is poor.

6. Boosts sales through inbound leads

In traditional marketing, you had to convince people to try out your products or services. It was hard to find people who were looking for your services. But, in digital marketing, it is 10X easier to boost your sales since SEO gives you the opportunity to put your business name right in front of users who are already looking for the kind of services you provide. As mentioned earlier, SEO, along with quality content, helps your site rank higher in SERPs, thereby attracting the attention of your target audience. Thus, your target audience can see your business whenever they search for your nature of business online.

You don’t have to rely on outbound sales techniques such as cold calling, emailing, etc., to increase your conversion rates. Just implement the right SEO strategies to pull up the rank of your website, and your target audience will eventually discover you. That means you have less work to do to close the sale.

Wrapping Up

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is essential for all kinds of digital businesses to thrive in this cut-throat competitive digital world. If you were undermining the role of SEO till now, hopefully, this blog has helped you understand why you should focus on it. From enhancing the online visibility of your website to helping you convert potential clients into paying customers, SEO takes care of plenty of things.


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