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Ladies, are you looking for a jewellery shop to add something new to your jewellery collection? London is a home for various outstanding jewellery shops to buy classic, shiny, contemporary, and vintage Jewelleries. London is not short of fantastic jewellery designers famous for their chic and beautiful jewellery and their affordable prices. Below we have mentioned our favorite top 10 jewellery shops in London.

Top 10 Jewellers in London

1. De Beers

De Beers

De Beers is a highly famous jewellery store in London, and it has also established its popularity in the entire world. De Beers has more than one store so Londoners can visit them conveniently.

Majorly famous for beautiful diamond engagement rings, De Beers has been constant in this business. If you want to have the best diamond jewellery for yourself or your beloved mother or wife, this A-listed jewellery store in London is the best store to add bling to your life. They also have a gorgeous vintage and bespoke collection, which you must look at if you visit De Beers.

2. Tatty Divine

Tatty Divine

If you do not fancy diamond Jewellery so much, the Tatty Devine jewellery store is the best story you must visit in London. This jewelry store is widely popular for its aesthetic and bright color plastic jewellery.

The store designers use every little thing like a guitar pick to make funky earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Every year Tatty Devine launches multiple collections. The designers of this jewellery store believe in upcycling and sustainable ways of making fancy jewellery.

3. Daniel Prince

Daniel Prince

If you are more into vintage, traditional, and classic jewellery pieces, you must visit Daniel Prince in London. Traditional jewellery is often overlooked in front of contemporary designs; however, each design made in Daniel Prince will make you stand out in the crowd.

Every jewellery piece in the store is handmade and hand-crafted in London. If men are looking for engagement rings or wedding rings for their beloved partner, Daniel Prince’s jewels would be the best thing to buy that will make the love of your life look like the real queen.

4. Jessica De Lotz

Jessica De Lotz

Jessica de Lotz has their store in the Kentish town of London, and the residents majorly go in the store to buy cufflinks, trinkets, and keepsakes. The fascinating aspect of this jewellery shop in London is its modern approach to these traditional jewellery pieces.

Most of the jewellery pieces in this store are carved out by mixing metals. One of the most famous jewellery pieces of Jessica de Lotz is the “Wax Seal Letter Necklace,” which is an exemplary work by the designer.

5. Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe in London is very well known for its nature-inspired jewellery designs. Years ago, Londoners got crazy over their Bee pendants, and every time the designers astound the buyers with their creativity.

The jewellery of Alex Monroe is carved out of silver gold and semi-valuable stones. Most of the designs of this store are inspired by butterflies, ants, beetles, moths, and other creatures. You can also check out their “Beauty and the Beast” collection.

6. Maya Magal

Maya Magal

Maya Magal is a new designer in London, and the best aspect of this jewellery shop is its affordability of luxurious jewellery pieces. This jewellery store has outstanding modern jewellery designs that add to the aesthetics of 21st century Londoners.

The designs that you will find in Maya Magal jewellery shop are incredibly minimal, and its perfect designs are very well worn by Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, and various other celebrities.

7. Graff Diamonds

Graff Diamonds

The designers of this shop curate beautiful chokers, pendant earrings, and necklaces from precious stones and diamonds worth a thousand pounds. Wearing beautiful statement jewellery from Graff Diamonds can be a fantastic thing if you have millions to spend.

Graff Diamonds is one of the most fabulous jewellery shops that you can find in London, and it is famous for its outrageous designs and pieces worldwide.

8. Links of London

Links of London

Links of London is one of the oldest jewellery stores situated in Mayfair in London. This jewellery store is not only famous in London or the United Kingdom, but it has its International presence as well.

In the Links of London, you can find unique and ultimate charm bracelets, and we guarantee you that you will not find two bracelets to be the same.┬áIf you want to buy sweet silver bracelets, this jewellery store is the best place to go. Their “Splendour Collection” gained many appraisals when it was launched, and the collection is primarily inspired by British Gothic architecture.

9. Taylor & Hart

Taylor and Hart

The prices of Taylor & Hart are highly reasonable. You can get your rings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets customized as per your wish, and this jewellery store also offers 30-day returns worldwide, free shipping, and engraving on your jewellery pieces.

Taylor & Hart is one of the top jewellery stores in London, and they made its comeback in 2016; since then, they have been rendering outstanding jewellery pieces to their customers. Every jewel of this store captures the essence of the person wearing it, and you can find illicit pieces for every occasion.

10. EC One

EC one

In the round-up, the last jewellery store in London is E.C. One, which is extremely popular for its unique collections and jewellery designs. The designs of the jewellery pieces are made of precious gemstones like emerald, aquamarine, and also from gold and diamonds.

The people living in London can visit the store conveniently because it is located in the center of Clerkenwell. If you want to have an exquisite jewellery piece in your collection, you must pay a visit to E.C. One.

Summing it Up

Jewellery is one of the most favorite things that every woman in London loves. The top 10 jewellery stores in London that we have mentioned are the best places to cure your Jewellery fetish for beautiful diamond/ traditional necklaces, bracelets, rings, and much more. We all have different likes and dislikes, and these jewellery shops can cater to every taste that people have in London. You can conveniently find vintage, classic, and contemporary jewellery stores in London just a few minutes drive. Please leave your comment below if the blog is useful and follow up with YodaLonodn.


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