What Are The Best CRM Softwares of 2022?

What are the Best CRM Softwares of 2022

CRM software assists you with nurturing and tracking the contacts to build customer loyalty and improve sales. A good CRM will likewise make the data it gathers accessible to other business platforms through smart software integration. Thus, CRM turns into the focal point of how you deal with your customer’s journey, from the initial marketing touch to the final sale,  and on to the following commitment.

To prevail at that, CRMs should be both agile and smart, and simultaneously, simple for salespeople to use. In an attempt to emulate what a CRM can do, some small businesses might try using a spreadsheet. However, this kind of homebrewed solution may deliver but a tiny subset of CRM features, and likewise unwieldy enough you’ll be baffled once your client list goes beyond 100.

The best CRM software is easier to use, compared to spreadsheets and provides you with valuable insight. They also automate processes such as prioritizing the sales pipeline, creating calendar events, identifying new sales opportunities automatically, and setting reminders for appointments. Based on a variety of business needs we have listed down the 4 best CRM software for 2022.

Best CRM Softwares of 2022

1. Salesforce


We picked Salesforce as one of the best due to its overall capacity to affect numerous aspects of your online business, including sales, marketing, and the IT department.

Salesforce brings a significant number of your business needs together, integrating with any current systems of yours such as customer support, IT, marketing, and sales. This permits you to keep utilizing your current system, while your projects share information and concentrate data for your employees. Despite the fact that it caters to small businesses, it could also handle large and mid-size businesses, too. Salesforce keeps you linked to your business. No matter where you are, because of its cloud-based platform, it also allows you to focus on your customers, all at the same time.


  • Gives an assortment of business needs beyond customer relationship management.
  • Works on a cloud-based system, allowing access from any place
  • Completely customizable to fit the needs of your business.


  • Many features are cost-based, so month to month membership costs can climb significantly
  • A lot of customization can be hard for your employees, bringing about additional training, and potential expenses

2. Freshworks


One of the best solutions for solo businesses is Freshworks. It saves you from problems such as toggling between platforms. Everything can be found in one spot. This product has the capacity of pulling the contact details into one location. You can make summaries of the recent activities campaigns, email, and much more. You can examine customer experience data seamlessly, with the analytic feature.


  • Perfect for mid-sized and small businesses that are just getting started.
  • Sales and Leads are organized, operating on a wise data metric.
  • Customizable to fit into the requirements of your business.


  • Limits third-party integrations which could increase costs for seeking additional platforms.
  • Not much flexible with customized reports

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is known for small business value The product offers advanced features like rich reporting and creating websites at a very reasonable price. Pipedrive offers all the features that your business needs at a very reasonable price so that you can work less and sell more. The platform mainly focuses on making you capable to scale your business to its fullest ability, controlling the sales process. This simple-to-use software helps you to focus on your sales. Its activity-based methodology makes lead follow-up easier and tracks your sales. The software simplifies integration with your other programs, like OneDrive, email, GoogleDrive, and much more.


  • Making it easier to locate, tracks emails within the software.
  • The software is simple to use and easy to track leads.


  • A beginner CRM, so this isn’t the best option for advanced or bigger businesses.
  • Tracking reports can be time-consuming and tedious.

4. HubSpot


HubSpot has acquired its hard-won title for best free Customer relationship management software in the market. The free plan permits you to manage one million contacts through your customer service workflows, sales, and marketing. Also, the free plan has no time limit and it provides all these features and service tools in one place. HubSpot has a big community of many worldwide professionals to answer your questions. The paid pricing starts at $45 per month which is billed annually. Add-ons such as digital marketing consulting can take your sales and business to the next level. There are many in-app support options, as well as phone and email support that can help you at any time.


  • Integrates the emails within the platform
  • Compatible with other platforms for integration.
  • Provides a marketing automation tool


  • Additional features will cost you
  • May need customizing according to the customer service need complexities.
  • Can be time-consuming to create

The best CRM software helps you with email, storing notes, phone calls, and a sales pipeline forecast related to the client records in your database. It limits the risk of appointments, notes, and tasks being missed, which could hurt the sales of your business. There are many aspects to consider while finding the best CRM software that works for you, your budget, and how you work.

We picked Salesforce as the best CRM software even considering the fact that this program is the most expensive CRM software available on the market. We state this as the best CRM software because of its list of abundant features, its rich training program, its capability to integrate with other software which you were probably used before, or its customizable reports and features, Salesforce just leads in all of those aspects.


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