The Difference Between Customer Experience and Customer Feedback

The Difference Between Customer Experience and Customer Feedback

Customer Experience and Customer Feedback are two words coined or the business industry. But is there really a difference? These terms get tossed around a lot in the business world, and most people often wonder what does this exactly means. The words are often used interchangeably, but despite that, there most certainly is a difference.

A study found that 98% of Americans use customer service as the deciding factor to plan future strategies for their company. To put simple words, customer feedback is an integral part of a holistic customer experience. On the other hand, customer experience is the overall journey of a customer from the initial days to the present.

Both of these are equally important for the success of your business, and one cannot do well without the other. 78% of the customers are likely to return when they provide positive feedback to the company. Even though they are interconnected, there are some significant differences whatsoever. To understand better, read on!

What Is Customer Feedback?

What Is Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the insights, issues, and information shared by the community about their experiences with your goods and services. This feedback works as an information guide for any company to work on the grey areas and improve customer experience. This feedback brings in positive changes and facilitates growth.

Getting customer feedback every now and then is crucial because it gives you an insight into your company’s functioning. It lets you understand whether all your strategies are working and whether or not you need to change anything. It acts as the eyes of your business and allows you to frame and implement successful strategies. Moreover, customer feedback will enable you to adapt and adjust to the overall customer experience with time. In simple words, customer feedback allows you to show your customers that you care and work on improving your experience.

What Is Customer Experience?

What Is Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the impression created by your business on a customer that influences their entire customer journey. It includes interactions like reading your blogs, browsing your products, visiting your store or website frequently, interacting with the staff, making a purchase, or leaving feedback on any used product. Each step of this journey makes the overall customer experience.

A superior customer experience is critical for every business. This not only provokes customer loyalty but also sustains the growth of every business. Moreover, a positive customer experience will allow you to retain customers and encourage brand advocacy. This is because a cheerful customer will become a happy customer, and they will stay with you till the end of time to boost revenue. In addition, they will advocate your goods and services through word-of-mouth marketing that will increase brand visibility.

Next up, let us understand the differences between customer experience and feedback!

3 Major Differences Between Customer Experience And Customer Feedback

3 Major Differences Between Customer Experience And Customer Feedback

1. Holistic Interaction Vs Specific Experience

A significant distinguishing factor between customer experience and customer feedback is the number of touchpoints. These touchpoints are involved throughout the customer interaction, and they also determine the length of the interaction.

Customer Experience is the entire customer journey, and hence the touchpoints involved at this stage are more incredible than customer feedback.

  • This journey includes awareness and discovery of the business and stretches from the initial time to after purchase care.
  • In most cases, these purchases are also repeated and hence are counted in the journey as well.
  • As a result, there are multiple company departments that need to be involved in providing a satisfactory customer experience.
  • However, one key thing to remember here is not every customer journey will be dynamic.

Customer Feedback is just one part of the entire customer journey of your customer.

  • This is one touchpoint that is equally essential for a satisfactory customer experience.
  • However, when feedback comes into play, some customers might interact a little more than others.
  • The role of customer feedback is to determine the customers’ challenges and how the services can be improved. This involves the role of customer service departments and the departments that are directly dealing with customers.
  • Since this is just one step of the journey, it refers to specific interaction with the business.

2. Proactive Vs Reactive

Another critical difference between the two terms is whether the process is reactive or proactive.

Customer Experience deals with anticipating the needs of the customers, and thus is proactive.

  • It does so with customer mapping, website analytics, digital marketing, studying the funnel statistics, and so on.
  • Every business wants to improve its services and customer experience.
  • For this, they ensure that their customers do not run into any problems, and even if they do, the customer executives should be prompt in solving those queries.
  • Moreover, this can also involve customers in initiating a prominent customer service interaction.

Customer Feedback is mostly always initiated by the customer and is thus reactive.

  • For example, after the purchase of particular goods or services, customers are keen on sharing their experiences. This can either be good or bad.
  • Moreover, if the customer faces any issues, they tend to reach out via the various contact option available like email, call, chat, etc.
  • Say, for example, you took assignment help from experts to write your essay, and you did were not satisfied with it. You will definitely reach out to them regarding your issue, and if it is not solved, you will stop hiring experts and look for essay typer tools to do the job.

3. Isolated Events Vs Ongoing Relationship

Another notable difference between the two terms is how they are connected and measured as opposed to other events.

Customer Experience involves the customers’ relationship with your business.

  • It is impossible to quantify or pin down any event or interaction since it is an ongoing relationship; the dynamics keep on changing.
  • To determine this, you need to study your customer well. If they keep coming back, it is probably a good experience, and your relationship continues.
  • Say, for example, back in your school days when you took essay help from the best service providers, and you always kept going back. This determines your happy and ongoing relationship with the service provider.

Customer Feedback again is a specific event involving reaching out to a customer to ask about their opinion regarding your goods and services.

  • It also consists of solving the issue that the customer is facing in case of negative feedback.
  • As a particular event, it is measured by the resolution rate and the average response time. Therefore, this is an isolated and more quantifiable event.

Final Thoughts

Customer Feedback and Customer Experience both work hand in hand. Therefore, they are both an integral part of your local and online business. Despite the differences, they are both mandatory to determine the success of your business. To consider the big picture and make your business fruitful, equip both of these as a part of your strategies.


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