Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?- Fully Explained

What Makes Digital Marketing a Good Career.

We live in a time where 4.66 billion people are internet users – that’s 59.5% of the global population. From paying bills, buying groceries, planning vacations, to attending classes, we cannot deny the influence and dependency of the internet in our lives. With the ever-growing popularity, more traditional businesses have transitioned into the digital forefront to attract a large audience base and make everything available with a button’s click. Are you thinking, Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing was already booming, but with the Covid-19 virus outbreak, the trend has skyrocketed. As a result, almost every business leader wants to learn how to digitize their business to capture a broader market, create more leads, and generate more profits. Since online marketing is becoming a prerequisite for every marketing campaign, the industry will see more requirements for digital marketing professionals with lucrative opportunities and handsome salary packages.

4 out of 10 marketing jobs demand digital marketing skills, while 61% of businesses want such skilled professionals. Another survey by MarketingCharts shows that most skills used in the marketing industry are also used in digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Anyway?

What is Digital Marketing Anyway

Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing. But unlike the latter, digital marketing harnesses the power of social media and the internet to create engaging content like blogs, posts,  web pages, email marketing campaigns, and more to connect with tech-savvy customers.

The prime purpose of digital marketing is to build brand awareness and make sure the related marketing content reaches the maximum audience online. The field is continually expanding and opened many job positions for digital marketing enthusiasts such as:

  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Brand management
  • Digital content developer
  • Web designer
  • SEO specialist
  • Blogger
  • Email marketer

A successful digital marketer can earn generous financial compensation. For instance, in the US,

  • A digital marketing associate with less than a decade of experience can earn an approximate salary of $43,900 pa.
  • An entry-level digital marketing specialist can earn near about $48,500 annually.
  • A digital marketing manager can earn close to $62,100 annually at entry-level.
  • At entry-level, a digital marketing director can earn $80,900 approx yearly.

Note: The numbers, of course, vary depending on various factors like the location and company.

With time, the digital marketing industry will only flourish. So individuals looking to choose this field as a profession need to possess a few essential skills to create effective marketing campaigns to meet the demands of the target customers.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option?

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option


The “Digital Marketing Specialist” position is one of the top 10 in-demand job roles on LinkedIn, with over 860,000 openings. Other in-demand positions are related to SEO, content, analytics, social media, and so on. Due to various digital marketing facets, there are high job openings in different sectors, giving rise to a digital skills crisis. In truth, a LinkedIn survey suggests a shortage of 230,000 digital marketing professionals in the US itself.

When there’s such a requirement of skilled professionals, it’s only wise for digital marketing enthusiasts to hone skills and prepare themselves for digital marketing activities.

What Makes Digital is Marketing A Careerpath Worth Pursuing?

What Makes Digital Marketing A Careerpath Worth Pursuing

1. No Specific Degrees

You don’t need to get specific degrees to establish a career in digital marketing tools. Instead, you can enroll in institutions that offer basic or advanced lessons in digital marketing. Upon completing the courses, you can learn the crucial strategies and tactics used to create different campaigns. Although there’s no specific degree, having a bachelors will bring more opportunities.

2. Fast-growing Industry

As more individuals and businesses turn to social media platforms for information and exposure, it only means the user rate and the tactics used to attract users will also change. So if you enjoy learning about changing trends and strategies, digital marketing is the right career choice for you. You have to polish your skills and stay updated with new approaches to create more opportunities.

3. Good Earnings

Digital marketing firms are expanding their reach and bringing in more established clients ready to allocate at least 10% of their marketing budget for digital marketing activities. Such investments mean increased demand for professionals for digital marketing niche jobs. Reports also suggest that big firms are now looking to hire at least one digital marketer for their team, indicating an excellent earning opportunity for marketers.

4. Extended Opportunities

Whether you want to become an academic writer to offer essay help or a developer to create tools like essay typer, page counter, or the like, every career field is crowded with very few job openings. However, that isn’t so with the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing is not a mainstream career choice for many as the industry is still evolving. Moreover, since the industry is less crowded, newcomers and experienced workers face less competition to land a job with many opportunities.

5. Offers Creativity

The only way to connect with an internet-savvy audience is to give them creative content. Digital marketing careers offer lots of opportunities to those who like to explore their creative sides and create engaging content to market a product or business. Whether you are a blogger, video editor, influencer, or other creative professionals, digital marketing can create opportunities for you to work with different brands – both startups and established firms. You’ll get to work with many creative heads, which will allow you to learn and get involved with more and more creative work.

6. Master Skills

Skills are crucial. Whether you want to get into email marketing, content marketing, or SEO marketing, digital marketing enables you to master skills like communication, SEO content writing, blogging, google ranking, video marketing, and more.

Mastering multiple skills will make earning from multiple channels more feasible. For instance, you can explore freelance opportunities to build your clientele and increase the efficacy of what you do.

Interested in Getting Into Digital Marketing? Master These Skills…

Interested in Getting Into Digital Marketing

  • Flexibility – Be flexible with your way of working to achieve the marketing goals
  • Management skills – Ability to manage various campaigns simultaneously
  • Sales – Gain sales knowledge and expertise to anticipate trend changes
  • Social media – Understand the ways to create “viral” content to promote a product/brand
  • Writing – Polish your writing skills on different digital platforms and blogging sites.
  • Web development – Ability to design aesthetic landing pages to grab visitors’ attention
  • SEO – An in-depth understanding of the criticalities of SEO is crucial to increase the ranking of the page.
  • Inbound marketing – Ability to use inbound marketing to create more leads and conversions.
  • Digital analysis – Familiarity with the functioning of different Digital Analysis tools
  • HTML – Capability to use HTML for drafting attention-grabbing headings and content
  • Branding – Knowing how to build a strong branding strategy to accomplish the digital marketing goals.


The digital marketing economy has grown faster than anticipated, generating revenue and creating demand roughly 7X more than any traditional form of marketing. However, to stay on par with the changes, more experienced and knowledgeable digital marketers are required.

Since digital marketing and technology are only evolving, more online businesses will shift to digital marketing to advance their business activities. So now is the right time for individuals looking to choose digital marketing to develop the necessary digital marketing skills and take part in the technical evolution.


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