10 Best Mexican Restaurants in London

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in London

Food is one such thing that can lift your mood within seconds. It is also a great way that brings people closer without having to do much effort. One of the most popular types of food around the globe is Mexican food. Mexican food is well-known for its tacos, burritos, and nachos. Some other dishes that come under Mexican food are quesadillas and tortillas. Mexican food is also popular for the freshness it provides with the help of fresh vegetables and spices. Most of the dishes include kidney beans and chipotle sauce that are significant to the cuisine.

Top 10 Best Mexican restaurants in London

1. Breddos Tacos

Breddos Tacos

As said earlier, tacos are the one dish that any Mexican can always eat. There are two types of tacos; soft and fried tacos. Breddos Tacos is well-known for its soft and luscious tacos. Another item that makes tacos a hit is the tangy salsa that is known worldwide.

The restaurant serves its tacos on 12cm tortillas that are freshly made every day. On the top of the tortillas, any preferred meat can be served. To take these tacos to the next level, tangy salsa is added that gives a burst of flavors and freshness.

2. Mestizo


The ambiance of a restaurant can also be a major point in whether you like the food served in that particular restaurant or not. Mestizo offers a very cozy environment with the perfect amount of elegance.

The dishes that the restaurant offers compliments the ambiance of the place. Mestizo also has a different menu for all the vegan people who can still enjoy the goodness of Mexican cuisine.

3. Cafe Pacifico

Cafe Pacifico

One of the oldest Mexican restaurants in London has to be Cafe Pacifico. The restaurant has been around since 1982 that still serves some of the best Mexican dishes. Though the dishes served at this place might have lost their touch.

But loyal customers visit the restaurant for its super-chill vibe. One can hang out with as many friends and order a large number of nachos with margaritas to go with it.

4. Corazon


Corazon refers to ‘heart’ in Spanish. Situated in the heart of Soho, Corazon has many hearty dishes to offer. From meat lovers to vegetarians this place has something or the other for everyone.

Mole and salsas are freshly made by the chefs every day that gives a certain kind of depth to all their dishes. The piquant michelada is a cocktail that is a must-try from Corazon.

5. The Mexican at Annabel’s


Annabel’s is a place that is known for its classy clubs. No one would ever think that a classy place such as this would offer authentic Mexican cuisine. But that is the surprise element from The Mexican at Annabel’s.

Though the price range is quite high, it will definitely be worth your money. The dishes are presented in a very Masterchef kind of way. The restaurant focuses on using daily produce as much as possible.

6. La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra

Most of the restaurants are family-oriented where one can take their children also. But La Bodega Negra is a place that has a theme based on erotica. The entrance of the place has an adult video and a peep show.

From the exterior of the place, no one can ever tell that this place is actually an authentic Mexican restaurant. La Bodega Negra is famous for its take on the usual Mexican cuisine, making it fun and flavorful in its unique style. To enjoy a lustful night, make sure you pre-book.

7. Ella Canta

Ella Canta

Renowned chef Martha Ortiz’s Ella Canta is a place for all food adventurers. People who do not hesitate in trying eclectic dishes must visit this restaurant. After gaining popularity in Mexico City, Ortiz took over London and became one of the favorites in no time.

The restaurant is mainly known for its experimental and fine dining nature. But people who are not so adventurous can also have a good time here.

8. EL Pastor

El Pastor

Authentic Mexican flavors and keeping the Mexican heritage alive is the main motto of El Pastor. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the Mexican dish ‘tacos al pastor.’ The chefs of the restaurant make sure that they use authentic ingredients while making dishes.

The tortillas are made fresh on a daily basis. The El Diablo Salsa which is made from some of the hottest chilies on the planet will surely make you sweat but it also adds to the authenticity factor.

9. Santo Remedio

Santo Remedio

What started as a pop-up restaurant, is now one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city. The founders of Santo Remedio focuses on the authenticity of Mexican cuisine. The restaurant also emphasizes the importance of street food.

Street food such as tacos and flautas are a big hit on the menu. The restaurant takes extra attention while purchasing ingredients for its dishes. The founders make sure that all the local produce is incorporated into their dishes. The cheese used in all their dishes is ordered from Peckam’s Gringa Diary which sets their restaurant apart from others.

10. Temper


Known as the meat place, Temper specializes in serving luscious meat that is just lip-smackingly delicious. The restaurant has many chains throughout London that used to focus on different items like curry in the City, pizza in Convent Garden, and tacos in Soho.

But now the focus remains on a single item – tacos. Soft, delicious, and flavorful tacos are something one can never resist. Temper offers the best tacos in London with various kinds of meat. To higher their value in the market, Temper has started a three-course meal with equally luscious starters, mains, and a dessert. These features make Temper one of the top 10 Mexican restaurants in London.


The next time when you cannot decide which Mexican delicacy or which restaurant do you want to visit, then just refer to the list above that will definitely help with the decision-making process. The above-stated restaurants are the top 10 Mexican restaurants in London.


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