10 Best Internet Providers in London

Top 10 Internet Providers in London

We are in the 21st century where almost every person needs the internet to do their job. The Internet has become the most important thing in our lives. Almost everything is dependent on the internet. The internet has also made our lives easy in many aspects. But one cannot just get the internet. There are various agencies that provide you with internet in exchange for money. There are many aspects that one should consider before opting for an internet provider. The speed of the internet plays an important role too.

Top 10 internet providers in London

1. BT Broadband

BT Broadband

Whenever you buy any kind of broadband, the first thing you notice is that if your money is worth it in exchange for what you are being offered. BT Broadband is one such company in London that offers high-speed that is approximately 51Mbps.

The company uses the most effective technology to give the best service to its customers. BT also has a policy called ‘Stay Fast Guarantee’ where it promises its customers to repair any damage within the time period of 30 days.

2. Zen Internet

Zen Internet

We all look for companies that offer 360-degree services and not just the service of internet providing. Zen Internet is one of the best internet providers where it has the maximum number of clients that are satisfied with its service methods.

The average speed with which one can download data is 450 Mbps. The company has premium plans also where the prices are a bit high but it is surely worth every penny. The main forte of Zen is that it gives a free static IP address whenever someone signs with them. The company also has been awarded different awards for its excellent service.

3. Sky


A reliable company offers many services in the long run. The sky is one such company that is known for its reliability quotient. The price range of the company may be a bit high as compared to other internet providers, but it is surely worth your money.

One can purchase a TV or a mobile subscription along with your normal broadband plan. This way one can get double benefits in the same price range. The router that comes with the plan has a feature where it goes into energy-saving mode whenever someone is not using the internet.

4. Vodafone


Vodafone is one such brand that does not need any introduction. Vodafone is a company that provides multiple services all around the globe. It offers the facility of sim cards with various phone numbers. The company is also well-known in the internet area.

Though the company is not the same that it was since the beginning but it still has many loyal customers. Vodafone provides internet and takes pride in the quality of speed. The company also offers one of the best routers amongst many internet providers. Vodafone offers the best speed at a reasonable price that anyone can afford.

5. Talk Talk

Talk Talk

With a maximum speed of 67 Mbps, TalkTalk is one of the most reputed internet providers in London. The company is quite famous amongst the locals. Whenever you search for any service, the one thing that you look for is the feature of reliability.

In this area of expertise, TalkTalk is one of the most reliable providers. One of the major features that the company has come up with this year is that it will not increase its price on any plans and will keep a fixed price till the year 2022. This is a major relief to all those who want to purchase its plans beforehand. It is also known for its quick customer service.

6. Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Speed is a major feature and the most important one also in the field of internet providers. Virgin Media is one such company that is specifically known for its speed deliverance to its customers.

The company has bagged many awards for its commendable speed. But every company has some or the other kind of flaws. Virgin Media though applauded for its speed and fast service lacks in the price box. The plans get expensive as you choose higher speed. Not everyone can afford their plans and if you want your preferred speed then it can be a bit heavy on your pockets. The company also needs to improve in the area of customer service.

7. EE


There are some companies that excel in every scope, whether speed, customer service, or reliability. EE is one such company that is an excellent all-rounder in the field of internet providers. The company is well-known for its services for mobile as well as a broadband.

EE offers a decent router to its customers along with fast speed. The company is particularly known for its affordable plans that vary from a day to a month. One can have their daily plans as well as monthly ones without any caps. The customer base of the company has always been satisfied with its service.

8. Plusnet


Value for money is that one feature that is common amongst many consumers across various items. Any product that we purchase should have value for money otherwise there is no point in buying the product. Plusnet is popularly known for its value for money.

The company provides a maximum speed of 51 Mbps. Plusnet has won many awards in the reliability and value for money sections. The customer base of the company is quite satisfied with its service.

9. Hyperoptic


One of the most efficient internet providers has to Hyperoptic in this list. It provides exceptional plans at a very affordable rate. It also offers free installation of the internet without any hassle.

Though the availability of its service is limited right now it plans to expand its reach soon.

10. Now Broadband

Now Broadband

The company is also coming up with services like Now TV pass to gain more customers and reach maximum people. This company is surely emerging as one of the most powerful companies in the field.

This company started as a TV provider but soon offered internet services. Now Broadband has created a market where it has challenged some of the best internet providers in the market.


Now before you need any kind of internet service, make sure to read this article that includes the top 10 internet providers in London.


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