10 Best Vegan Restaurants in London


As you can see the vegan restaurants all over the countries are getting faded. It’s either non veg and veg together where veg food menus are very small in number but purely vegan restaurants are hard to find. But, they still pave their way to the market as people visiting the vegan restaurants are also health conscious people.

So, the trend hasn’t stopped yet. It is also environmentally friendly and specially vegan restaurants have lots of vegan food in the menu. No animals are slaughtered in this veganism. Not all restaurants have exclusively vegan dishes but there are few with those options. To make things easy for vegan people.

Here Are 10 Best Restaurants That Give You Completely Vegan Food

1. Gauthier, Soho

Gauthier, Soho

This restaurant is French based restaurant and all vegan since 2016. The menu is overhauled according to the wishes of guests. Guests can finely dine with a seasonally changing menu with an explicit taste of food. They also serve 8 glasses of wine as supplementary.

21 Romilly street, W1D 5AF.

2. En Root,  Clapham

En root, Clapham

This restaurant has plant based menu which gives family sized thalis and home cooked dhal, they also provides this at reasonable price. They have comfortable food that makes u feel like home inside out. Every food is cooked with local and seasonal ingredients.

Cousins run this restaurant they also are spotted at foodtruck festival and are famous promoting healthy body food nandita mindful eating. It is must to visit restaurant in UK. Timings are flexible.

5 Ascot Parade.

3. Lele’s , Hackney

Lele's , Hackney

Lele’s  is one such place where they don’t give a shout out to people that it’s a plant based restaurant. This is a super cosy restaurant, that restaurant is full of memories because of food. They have full-breakfast available with them.

They have great menu for every option that is available. This restaurant has a great surrounding where people get happy eating food and enjoy the company. It is must to visit restaurant. Location is easily available.

50 lower Clapton Road.

4. Amrutha Lounge, Earlsfield

Amrutha lounge

They offer beautiful vegan food which is perfect in every way for the people visiting the restaurant. They also have fair price for the food that is available on the menu of the restaurant. They offer wide range of food for the people.

Also those who cannot afford the meal can volunteer and get their meal at the end. Fresh plant based vegetables and ground vegetables are used also with health consciousness. It’s in the centre hence its easy to find

326 Garrett lane.

5. 222 vegan cuisine, Kensington

222 vegan cuisine, Kensington

This is one of the best restaurant in the London that is vegan based. They cook food with less oil and less fat that is good for people who are conscious about their food selection, the spices are vibrantly to make it the appetite full food. Location is not hard to find.

222 north end road.

6. Palm Green, Hackney 

Palm green, Hackney

They have some amazing interiors of the restaurant. Also, they have an amazing food with good sources and flavors. It is completely vegan in its salads and snacks. Their menu is seasonal and changes from time to time. There are few vegan Mexican dishes that give all day breakfast menu.Location is easily accessible.

NT’s bar Netil house, 1 Westgate St, E8 3RL.

7. The Gate, Various Location

The Gate, various location

The gate offers fresh and lovely vegan food for plant based lovers. They have exotic menu since 1989. They also have tried different variety of dishes using herbs and spices that won’t disappoint people visiting the restaurant such as mushrooms risotto cake and beetroot cheese burger. The location is easy to find and timings are flexible.

8. Rasa, Stoke Newington

Rasa, Stoke Newington

This is the secret vegan restaurant of the London that offers great variety of food from southern India, which won’t disappoint the customers that come to eat specific vegan dishes. It has wide section of curries that forms the foundation of the menu in the whole restaurant.

The starters are great to serve especially banana boli with peanut and ginger dip which is go to starter plan for the people. The exterior is pink which is vibrant in color. The location of the restaurant is accessible and timings are flexible.

55 Stoke Newington church st. N16 OAR.

9. The Muddy Puddle, Newington

The muddy puddle, Newington

This is completely vegan based restaurant that can mesmerize any vegan or vegetarian people visiting this restaurant, the interior is wooden based with proper lighting. The breakfast and lunch are provided that is vegan based.

And also this restaurant is completely vegan restaurant where ad their main aim is to reinvent the natuon and international name for vegetarian world, and according to people they are doing great job. They won’t fail to disappoint you at any point with the menus and the taste as well. Mist to visit restaurant. Its location is accessible and timing of the restaurant is flexible.

142 Albion road, N16 9PA.

10. Nem Nem, Islington 

Nem Nem, Islington

This is 100 % vegan restaurant. Its entire menu is filled with vegan dishes which this restaurant cooks without any difficulty. They also serve homemade finished food with spices thats has mouth watering taste.

This restaurant also has a sister restaurant which is Nom Nom that is situated in Hoxton, London. It gives beautiful views and interior is very satisfying. It is must to visit restaurant that is completely vegan and will fill your craving without distraction and soothing environment will provide great intake of food.

279 upper street, N12TZ.

Hope this article was helpful to find the best vegan restaurants in London! Which will full fill your stomach and prices are also affordable. The locations are easily available also with friendly staff.

Summing up with vegan doesn’t mean its an insult infact animals also eat vegan food its just that vegan and non vegan they both have its own specialty. So its on a choice of person to which one to choose.

Happy eating!


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