A Simple Guide to Boost Your Sales with Effective Ecommerce Video Marketing

A Simple Guide to Boost your sales with Effective eCommerce Marketing

As long as there is no visual understanding of the product, people will not be fully committed to buying a product. Investing in irresistible descriptions, high-quality product images, or even gathering reviews of the product will not be enough. Nowadays people rely mostly on videos because nothing tells the story quite like an engaging video.

A potential customer needs to see the product to fall in love with it and see how it works and why other customers are exactly craving the product.  Yes, you need a big investment to create engaging eCommerce videos, but trust me when I say the payoff will be worth it. In fact, it is predicted that by 2020 videos will make up to 80% of all internet traffic. In today’s world, you are bound to lose customers if you do not leverage video marketing.

eCommerce Video Marketing

Videos have the potential to increase AOV (average order value) and improve the dwell time of the website. 80% of video marketers will say videos have a direct impact on sales in 2020.  Even essays help websites create video contents where they highlight the expertise of essay writers. The majority of people are visual learners and thus a riveting video will keep them on-page longer than text-only descriptions.

Types of Video Content that Grows Sales of Online Contents

In the course of creating video content, you will need the help of several professional tools and qualified videographers. I went through a few of the successful eCommerce websites and created a list for you of one of 6 major types of eCommerce videos you require in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Product video – The Overview

Product Video

A video on overview products will provide an in-depth understanding of the benefits and features of the product. In this type of eCommerce product video, the speaker will demonstrate how the product works and provide genuine reasons on why the audience should consider buying it.  It may look like a simple product demo. The shared information and trust from the videos can be very powerful. They are perfect to include on the product pages.

2. Product tutorial

Product Tutorial

The product tutorial video will demonstrate through step-by-step instructions the performance of customers on a specific task. This type of videos is vital for skeptical buyers who stay disappointed in big marketing claims. One of the powerful ways of convincing buyers to buy the product is by showing them how to achieve a particular goal.

3. Message from the founder/CEO

Although the message from the founder of the CEO no used by many companies, it can be proved to be a powerful tool if it is well executed.  When you feature a company leader in a video, it is considered to be one of the best ways of personalizing a brand and developing a deep connection with customers and audiences. One of the famous examples of this type of video is the Dollar Shave video.

4. Explainer video

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are popular and widely used for explaining products in a short period of time. Explainer videos can be animated and live-action. Mostly, they are 30-seconds to a minute in length. These videos will emotionally rigger to explain why your customer requires a product like yours.  An ideal example of explainer videos will be Tommy John undershirts.

5. Product video the Close-Up

Product Video the Closeup

Product close-up videos will zoom in on your product to display specific features that can make the customers buy the product.  It will show the specific function up close that needs to be observed very closely or show off product from multiple angles.

6. Video testimonials

Video Testimonial

There is nothing more persuasive and powerful than social proof for getting people to buy your product.  According to Brightlocal, buyers read 40 online reviews on average before believing the star rating of a business.

7. Story-based videos

Story Based Videos

Story-based videos are another effective way to earn to engage the audience.  These videos will not just describe your products, but will also create a narrative around them for customers to remember. The perfect example of a story-based video is Nike. Nike does not just describe the features and benefits of the shoe but also shows emotions behind hard work and success.

8. Live videos of Facebook and Instagram

Live Videos of Facebook and Instagram

Live videos on Instagram and Facebook are gaining immense popularity. You just need to log in to your social media account, plan on the message to convey, and then go live. Live videos will add a personal effect on the brand of the product. You will not just be able to talk to your followers in real-time, but also upload it on YouTube.

Popular Tips on Creating Best eCommerce Marketing Videos for eCommerce Stores

It takes real work to create amazing and high-converting eCommerce marketing videos. It will create wonders for attracting more traffic to your eCommerce website and converting users.  If you intend to create impactful eCommerce videos that ensure increase sales through your website, consider following the tips discussed below:

1. Understand your audience

Understand your audience

It is crucial to conduct deep market research before you jump into creating engaging marketing videos. It is crucial to test your concepts. Stay clear on what your potential customers are looking for in a product. Find out their strongest struggles and come up with effective solutions or products that have tried in the past.  Find out what problems they are trying to solve.  Consider asking your happy customers about what they like about your products. You can use these as selling points in your videos.

2. Be aware of your goals and KPIs

Stay clear on what you want to achieve with your videos Understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is the key to determine your approach and your plan for success. If your goal is more traffic through SEO, consider creating videos around the keywords.

3. Set a budget

Set a Budget

It is easy to go beyond the budget when you are creating videos. When you have a budget, you will be able to keep a reasonable margin and set a limit on how much you can invest in video creation.

4. Keep it short

As a general rule, you must always focus on the point that shorter is always better.  Your motive will be to drive home the main benefits and not distract the viewers from the main point. Adding too many filters can affect the main objective of the video content.

5. Prepare a script for your video content

Prepare a Script for your Video Content

Before you decide to go on live or sit for a pre-recorded video, you must prepare a solid script. It will help you stay on track and also veer you from the main point. Just like copywriting, you will require a “hook” sentence and a call to action to appeal to your audience.

6. Use the right equipment

Although you are not equipped with state-of-the-art equipment but do not get disappointed. Use your smartphone camera for recording video content for your eCommerce store. However, if you have the proper means to invest in a video editor or a production team, make sure you do it as you will surely get valuable rewards for it. Using a video editor will help you create a clearer and more quality video. With this the background noise will get reduced, effective lighting will be added, you can add texts, audio, voiceovers, and much more

7. Edit and add music

Music is another important feature of recording videos. Adding music will help you remove awkward moments, improve quality, and add captions and subtitles. Adding music will make your video content more aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Hire a professional video editor if you do not know how to edit videos.

8. Share video content across platforms

You have invested your money, time, and energy into creating engaging video content. Now your aim will be to widen the reach as much as possible. You may write a blog post and include the video to generate more traffic. It is essential that you have a plan for marketing content in multiple ways. You will be able to gain the best possible ROI through online sales on your eCommerce store.


If you want to gain more followers and increase sales there is no better way than to create good video content. People love to watch video content on your brand if it has a good story. You need to go with the trends like IGTV, reels, live videos, story videos if you want to reach out to maximum customers. It can be intimidating at the beginning of video content but if you take note of all the tips discussed, you will be able to create high-quality video content.


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