IT Companies In London – Best 10 Info Tech Companies

Top 10 IT Companies in London

London is a place for innovations and creations. Many software companies emerged in London and many companies had their branches in London, as it offers the best environment and market. As per the tourism, international students and domestic students, it has wide respect and popularity for the IT sector as well as business entrepreneurs. Here we have the top 10 IT Companies in London that offers the best services to clients as well as the best in the market.

Top 10 IT Companies in London

1. DCSL Guidesmiths


It has been located in Farnborough, United Kingdom, since 1994. DCSL has given its best in terms of software development and client services. It offers bespoke software development, creating and designing better solutions for businesses across the world.

It has a history of over two decades and stands as the best in London. A good work environment for employees, awards and rewards for the best employees. CEO Nick Thompson started as a programmer, gradually completed his MBA and took over the rights in 2013.

2. Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech was established in 2010 in London and now running successfully with branches in India and the USA. It has delivered an average of 1200 plus solutions and many projects, with experts on the ground.

It develops software or applications for the web, ios and android. The employees here enjoy the work, with good pay and increments, and are flexible to work around. It stands best in the Industry for UI/UX designs and application developments for many major clients.



At Theodo, one could experience a difference in working, strategising things and analysing work. It was founded in 2007, by Benoit Charles-Lavauzelle, Fabrice Bernhard. Nicholas Tabroski being the CEO of Theodo since 2018.

They stand in this place for their success in custom software developments, mobile app development, and web development. They developed a chatbot app for customer experience, for better growth in the industry. They are expertise in full-stack software development, with cloud native-tech and delivery methodology. The employee’s review Theodo as an amazing place to work and have good experience and growth in their good career.



Tivis develops software and web-based applications for a variety of clients, like movies, eCommerce, food delivery etc. Apple has been their client for years and they would recommend Tivis as a go-to web development.

Best Egg company is one of the leading consumers in financial services. Sumit Chandra, CEO of TIVIX for the last thirteen years, has graduated from India. At TIVIX, the work environment is quite good and employees review it as the best place to get paid on time and rewards as a bonus.

5. Good core software

Good Core

The Good Core is a leading bespoke software solution based in the UK. It provides services like Mobile application and web application development, SaaS-based projects. GoodCore was founded by Hassan bhasharat, in 2005.

Running successfully from then with the best clients and projects. The clients review it as a good environment, a pleasant and time-bounded work. The employees here are offered better salaries and increments. Programs or web applications like patient service or assistance systems, tourism management, Shopping etc., are done for the clients.

6. Studio Graphene

Studio Graphene

Studio Graphene is residing in 71 street, London, founded by Ritam Gandhi in 2014. In the 6 years, it has proved itself and running successfully and expanding its branches. They provide web-based applications, mobile applications.

IoT services with emerging technology, Studio Graphene develops apps like AGIO, Mintago, Canopy etc. They help startups in their journey and give the best budget-friendly resources to the client. The clients and the employees have said that Studio Graphene provides a good environment with good pay and increments.

7. DataArt


DataArt, a software company, was founded by Eugene Goland in 1997 in London. With industry expertise in their firm, the clients are offered Cloud, data and analytics, Blockchain technology, and new products for business developments.

It is an IT consulting company that provides services like Mobile application development, Educational Technology, Agile software development, DevOps services, Cloud, data services to clients. Big clients like meetup, Regus, Ocado and Betfair seek DataArt as their best to go service provider. With over two decades of experience in IT firms and industries, DataArt stands in the top 10 list of London’s best IT services. They offer the best services in Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, Custom software development for clients.

8. Intellect soft

Intellect Soft

It was established in 2007 in east London, co-founded by Alexander Skalbanov and Artem Kozel and currently has Vlad Vahromovs as CEO. They provide services such as Mobile Development, UI/UX designs, DevOps, QA testing etc.

They use technologies like IoT, Blockchain and UX/UI. Giant companies like Nestle, Universal, Audi work with Intellect soft as clients. E&Y, a much larger company, turned to Intellect Soft for more reach and expansion of their business growth. Hoosba hotel finding app, Villa sports app, Surb club, and Jaguar Landrover apps are the best examples of Intellect Soft’s work.

9. Infinum


Infinum has been in Industry since 2005, in London, with branches in the USA and Europe. More prominent Brands, banking apps or software, mobile applications, web-based applications are developed in Infinum.

Clients like royal Caribbean, Universal Music group are the biggest in Industry and makes Infinum have a better portfolio. Nutri kitchenware, Telecom clients like A1, Mobile banking are the best services provided. With an average of 500 employees, flexible and achieving high deliveries on time, Infinum has reached its best till now. Employees are offered good salaries and increments with a healthy environment in the office.

10. Softwire


Softwire is residing in Highgate Road, London, founded by Pete Kenny, Dan Shavick and Phil Maderson in 2000. Over twenty years of IT services and branches in Europe. It is committed to delivering the best proactive and capable projects to clients.

They provide services like Data and Artificial intelligence, Mobile and app development with Bespoke software development. They have delivered the best work for the UK government in all respects. They offer digital accessibility, gaming, AI-based apps, etc., for clients. Over 500 employees review it as best in salary payment, career growth and increments.


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