London Clubs – Top 10 Places In City For Partying

Top 10 Best Clubs in London

London has some of the best clubs in the entire world. DJs from across the world travel to London to perform in them. People love to visit these clubs and have a good time. Here we have listed some of the most known, most liked and most visited clubs in London.

Top 10 Best Clubs in London

1. Fabric


The fabric was opened in October 1999, on Charterhouse Street. This Farringdon club boasts enough space to accommodate around 1,600 people. The club was started by some people who love clubs for all the people who love clubs.  The club has three separate rooms. Two of them have stages for live acts and the third one has a vibrating ‘bodysonic’ dancefloor. Guest DJs come here often and play techno, drum and bass, electro, disco, dubstep, and any other kind of music possible. fabric is open for everyone over 19 from Fridays to Sundays. It also offers some of the best cocktails out there. There is never a single dull moment here because the fabric is ‘never not making noise’.

2. Printworks London

Printworks London

Even though it is a fairly new establishment, having only opened in 2017, Printworks is one of the best clubs London has to offer. Located on Surrey Quays Road, Rotherhithe, the building of this club used to belong to a printing factory. The machines, layout, printing presses, and aesthetics of the factory have been preserved in the club, giving it a unique appearance and aura. With a capacity of 6,000 people, the music series and different events of the club are memorable and add to its novelty. Some of its music series has won a handful of awards.

3. Xoyo


Located in the fun and exciting Shoreditch, XOYO has a capacity of around 800 people. It is an underground club spanning over two floors. Opened in 2010, it quickly became a favorite among the club lovers of the city. XOYO is perhaps best known for its absolutely amazing sound system. This club is definitely a favorite of the DJs. Some of the world’s best and biggest DJs from across the world come to play here.

4. Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound was opened in September 1991, in Elephant & Castle. It was actually inspired by some of the cavernous house venues in New York. The building in which it is established actually used to be a bus garage. It is the first club and the best place that was dedicated to house music, and the first one to have a room built only to enhance its sound and music quality. The first night it opened, they had a no-alcohol policy with extremely tight security who only let a handful of people in the club. Its outdoor restaurant-type seating and lovely cocktails definitely make it worth checking out.

5. Egg London

Egg London

Egg is located at the King’s Cross. With an accommodating capacity of a thousand people, the Egg club is situated in the building of an old Victorian warehouse. The club has a 24-hour license, so you can expect to stay up and party all night long. It was opened in 2003. The club has three levels, that consist of five rooms, which are called: Basement, Main Room, Terrace, Loft, and Cell 200. The Egg club has a reputation of being an LGBTQ+ community-friendly club. It has excellent cocktails, beers, wines, and other alcohols.

6. Magazine


The magazine was also set up by the individuals who started the Printworks club. It is actually the largest club in the entire capital. Located in the center of the Greenwich Peninsula, it offers beautiful views to its guests. It has uniquely beautiful architecture. While its interior can accommodate around 3,000 people, once you open up and include the outdoor showground, its accommodation capacity goes up to 7,000 people. Its sceneries include a beautiful view of the Canary Wharf, as well as a gorgeous sunset or sunrise, depending upon the time you are present there.

7. Corsica Studios

Corsica Studios

Also located in the Elephant & Castle, Corsica Studios was previously called Corsica Arts Club. It has a comparatively limited accommodation capacity of only 500 people. But the quantity does not affect the quality. Corsica Studios was awarded the ‘Best of British 2019’ Small Club of the Year by DJ Mag. The club occupies only two rooms but its music quality is something else. Popular for its wines and beers, Costica Studios will definitely give you and your friends a great outing.

8. Electric Brixton

Electric Brixton

This club is situated in Brixton (as the name suggests). It previously had different names. In the beginning, it was called The Ace, then The Fridge, and now, Electric Brixton. With the accommodating capacity of 1,700 people, this club was renovated and reopened as Electric Brixton in September 2011, after a million-pound investment. The club has beautiful architecture and amazing sightlines, which makes the stage performances all the more vibrant. The music system was also reinstalled and is definitely one of the best features of the club.

9. Tobacco Dock

Tobacco Dock

Located in Tobacco Quay, Wapping, Tobacco Dock has an accommodating capacity of 10,000 people. This club actually has a pretty interesting history. The building was actually used as a wine and tobacco hub in 1812. It has also witnessed a tiger attack, sleep deprivation challenges, and Victorian tasting days. Previously, it had been a storage facility and a shopping mall too Now, Tobacco Dock hosts some of the best event parties. The staff is amazing and quick to respond. It has also been awarded quite a few national as well as local awards due to its rich history and amazing events.

10. Village Underground

Village Underground

Village Underground is mainly known for its creative look and live performances. The club is also located in Shoreditch. It has a capacity of around one thousand people. It was opened in 2007, for creative people to have the opportunity to follow their passions.  The main purpose of the club has always been to promote creativity. It has a few art studios, offices, and a performance stage.


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