The Most Luxurious Fine Dining Opportunities in the World

The Most Luxurious Fine Dining Opportunities in the World

We all like the idea of fine dining – but there are a handful of establishments that take this concept to the extreme! With this thought in mind, today, we’ve taken a look at some of the world’s most expensive fine dining opportunities – and with this in mind, we’ve searched the world for some of the most expensive dining opportunities. Are they worth it? That probably depends on who you ask (and how much money you have to spend!)

The Most Luxurious Fine Dining Opportunities in the World

Lottoland shows the most expensive dishes from around the world in their article, but when it comes to fine dining, there are almost limitless possibilities when you have millions to spend.

With this in mind, today, we’ve come up with a list of some of the most expensive fine dining opportunities from around the world – but be warned, because if you decide to give these a try, it might just add a substantial bill onto your final travel costs overall.

Four-Figure Madagascan Vanilla Bean Sundae

Madagascan Vanilla Bean Sundae

Most of us are quite happy to pay a few pounds for a high-quality sundae, although as the price begins to approach double digits, you might begin raising an eyebrow. Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear to see that this incredibly Madagascan Vanilla Bean Sundae from the Serendipity 3 Restaurant in New York isn’t likely to be a staple of your dining unless your annual income is into the six-digits.

Priced at around £7500, you could definitely try this sundae on your next holiday to New York – but then, that only pays for one dessert, and you could potentially get another week or so in the big city for the same price. Is it worth it? Well, that’s a question we can’t answer. Still, when you consider the ingredients list, including speciality chocolates, Parisian candied fruits, truffles, caviar, and even a 24-carat gold leaf, it’s easy to see where the expense comes from.

Plus, the sundae itself is served up in a stunning Baccarat crystal bowl (which you can keep). As such, if you decide to take the plunge, you’ll at least have a souvenir to keep of the time you enjoyed one of the world’s most expensive ice cream sundaes. The restaurant is famous for its atmosphere and it will be one of the best Valentine’s Day dining to spend an extraordinary time with your partner. Just make sure it doesn’t get chipped on the way back home!

Fleur Restaurant’s Truffle Burger Meal

Fluer Restaurants Truffle Burger Meal

If you’re looking for a full meal for your money, then the Fleur Restaurant in Las Vegas might be your destination of choice. Be prepared for this single meal to almost double the cost of the day trip, though, as it’ll set you back $5,000 for a burger and bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus.

Of course, it’s easy to see where the price adds up; indeed, with around £2500 per pound for the truffle alone, plus £100 per pound for premium-quality Wagyu beef and £2500 value for the bottle, the costs that go into this burger meal are extortionate!

Nevertheless, for most of us, this meal is going to be one that we can only dream of – a £5 burger from your local KFC or McD’s might be more affordable on the whole.

The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

As pointed out by GoBankingRates, you could absolutely put the £14,500 towards other aspects of your life – for example, your retirement fund! – but if you prefer to live in the moment and have thousands to splash at the drop of a hat, this dessert might be just the option.

Made with pomegranate and mango compote, with a champagne Sabayan base, a handcrafted chocolate stilt fisherman, and finished with an 80-carat aquamarine, it’s certainly luxurious; however, with such a high price tag (before even considering the trip to Sri Lanka), you’d need to be rolling in cash to justify this one.

Grand Velas Tacos

Grand Velas Tacos

Tacos – they’re generally an affordable, quick, and filling staple. Well, not o much if you head to the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort restaurant, where you can expect to pay a huge £20,000 or so for a single taco!

Made with Kobe beef, black truffle brie, and Almas beluga caviar, there’s a lot to love in the tacos themselves. Meanwhile, the side serving of salsa is made from dried Morita chilli peppers, civet coffee beans, and ultra-premium Ley.925 Anejo tequila. It’s a rich, boozy, and delicious taco – but at the price of a brand new, high-end car, you may need to spend some time considering carefully whether this is a good way to spend your hard-earned savings.

Chocolate Egg Dessert in the Lake District

Finding fine dining opportunities doesn’t mean you have to travel half-way around the world – and this chocolate egg dessert from the Lake District perfectly proves this point. Made with champagne jelly, edible gold leag, champagne caviar, and even finished with two-carat diamonds, there’s undeniably something exquisite about this chocolate egg dessert.

Still, at the same price as many people’s average annual income, you’d need to be a multi-millionaire to justify this magnificent dessert. For now, we might just stick with a £5 bar of chocolate.

Final Thoughts

While there’s nothing technically stopping us from trying these hugely expensive dishes in-person ourselves, at the price of a decent house deposit for some, we’ll probably hang fire. Nevertheless, if you have millions to spend, they might be fair game – and if not, we can always dream and we can visit the nearby rooftop restaurants to have a fine environment.


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