4 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Workaholic Partner

valentine’s day gift ideas for workaholic partner

Valentine’s Day brings with it the serious question of ‘what to gift?’

Since the answer begins and ends at the type of your partner’s personality, you should get to thinking. Considering the day is almost at your doorstep, you need to start brainstorming to understand your partner’s likes and dislikes and begin looking for the most memorable gifts of all time!

In this article, we have taken it upon ourselves to solve a difficult category of personality gifting – the workaholic partner!

With the new year, it’s time to step over those cheap gifts and take your relationship up a notch in the gifting part this time. We’re going to help you keep those overwhelming feelings under control – after all, when it comes to gifting, feeling confused is natural.

We’ve curated a list of unique valentines gifts for your workaholic partner, these will make them feel valued and loved when you present them with these prime gestures.

Let’s take a look!

4 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. A Quality Mouse Pad 

Something that seems too little is sometimes of most importance, but we feel that the gift doesn’t need to be so explicit all the time. However, sometimes, your partner might appreciate the versatility of timeless gifts.

valentines day gift ideas - a quality mouse pad

This brings us to the idea of gifting mousepads, probably made of some premium material like leather to maintain your gifting standards and make your partner feel valued.

A gift is a way of letting your partner know that you care about them and that is why choosing expensive and quality presents over cheap material is important when you give them a mouse pad.

2. Quality Spirits 

The most sophisticated gift is a premium alcohol bottle – it is a great gift for all kinds of personalities. Whether your partner likes to celebrate or is an introvert, a premium bottle of Henstone Distillery from any London Club can make everyone happy. If your partner is an extrovert bring him/her to the best cocktail bars in town & gift them something special. Do add a beautiful Valentine’s Day card to the present too and don’t forget to write a sweet message for your beloved that shows them how you love them!

quality spirits

Alcohol is associated with a social gathering and having some time to ourselves, so giving your partner a bottle of alcohol can send across the right message – of you want them to know that they’re valued. They are important to you, but they should also, once in a while, take some time to relax and appreciate themselves a little more.

If you wish to take this up a notch, have the premium bottle engraved with your partner’s name as that’ll help you add a personal touch to the gift.

3. Seat Cushions

With the ever-rising work-from-home culture, connecting with your remote teammates has become a real challenge. With that comes the problem of sitting at one place for far too long. We say you take this challenge up as an opportunity to show you care and give your workaholic partner gifts like seat cushions for their home office chairs.

valentines day gift ideas - seat cushions

It is scientifically proven that sitting at one place for longer hours brings no good to the human body; you can make their lives a tad easier by giving them seat cushions.

Similarly, talk to your partner to engage in weekly activities where they need to step away from the screens and engage in physical activities (for instance, online yoga sessions). This could very well become another gift idea you could use to motivate and take care of your beloved.

4. Wireless Chargers

A home office space is full of wires, connecting pen drives and hard drives, something that can limit your partner’s productivity.

wireless chargers

Even when they are relaxing at home, a wired charger limits their mobility. That’s where a wireless charger can come in handy; your partner will appreciate the inconspicuousness and convenience of this portable option you’ll give them.

They can simply have one less wire to deal with and phones being a prominent part of their lives, they’re sure to appreciate a wireless charger.

To Sum Up

These are some of the many options that you can choose from for your workaholic partner. We suggest you skip the tired and used gift ideas this year and surprise your partner with these elevated, valuable, and thoughtful presents.

There are an ample number of options available on the internet, but if you wish to stand out of the crowd and make your gifting unique, personalization is your answer!

For instance, you can have your partner’s names or inside jokes imprinted on pencils. Whether or not you have a strong gifting game, we aim to make you both feel connected and one way to go about it is by these gifts.

It is time to become proactive and start ordering gifts that you like the best for them!


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