10 Helpful Tips To Upgrade The Cyber Security Of Your Organization


The excitement of starting a business or running a well-established one never dies. But did you know that 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber security attack go out of business within six months? If that isn’t a sign for you to wake up and take cyber security more seriously, then nothing is.

With the COVID-19 pandemic acting as the catalyst for businesses moving online, it has increased the playing ground for cybercriminals worldwide. Research shows that cybercrime has gone up by 600% since the dawn of the global pandemic in 2020.  These alarming statistics are cause for great concern, and unless you have a team of professional IT specialists to back you up, it’s high time to step up your game.

Why Should You Care About Cyber Security?

Why Should You Care About Cyber Security

The consequences of a cyber-attack can be severe and affect your business to the point of no return. But, if you’re under the impression that there are too many fish in the pond and cybercriminals won’t care about your business – you couldn’t be more wrong. Because, unlike the world, cybercriminals don’t discriminate between organizations when looking for their next target.

On that note, let’s check out a few ways cyberattacks can affect your business.

1. Loss of customer trust

With the complete dependence on online storage of crucial information, a single data breach can cause customers who trust you with their personal information to lose their trust.

2. Economic loss

Cyberattacks are synonymous with enormous financial loss due to:

  • Theft of money
  • Disruption of transactions
  • Loss of business
  • Theft of financial information

Big organizations can lose billions with a single cyber security breach, while small businesses have to shut down due to their mounting debt.

3. Legal consequences

Nowadays, all organizations store employee and customer details online. Hence, organizations have the added responsibility to ensure all the information is under lock and key. If there is any compromise on the data, employees and customers can file legal actions, and you’ll have to pay a hefty fine for your negligence.

In the 21st century, students would rather hire essay help services online than approach professionals in person. As a result, it’s not surprising that organizations choose to move their entire business online where most customers are.

However, with the rise in emerging cyber security threats, figuring out ways to keep the criminals out of your system is crucial.

10 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Your Organization Safe

10 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Your Organization Safe

Cybersecurity threats are a constant source of fear due to the severe consequences that follow. However, investing in high-end sophisticated cybersecurity tools doesn’t come cheap. While most big organizations can afford the splurge, small businesses can’t spend millions of dollars on online security.

While it seems like you’re stuck on an island with no way to escape, all hope is not lost. As the saying goes – “Prevention is better than cure.” So, let’s check out some tips to prevent cyberattacks from ruining your business.

1. Educate Your Employees

Educating your staff about the importance of cybersecurity and training them to spot threats goes a long way to ensure someone doesn’t accidentally leak sensitive information to any third party. Try to provide regular training courses to increase awareness and effectively tackle online threats.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Weak Points

The first step to prevent any attack is to have a thorough understanding of your systems and software. After all, if you don’t know your Achilles’ heel, how do you plan to protect it?

Check your systems for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and look up which solutions would be financially suitable for your needs.

3. Upgrade all Your Security Patches

Upgrade all Your Security Patches

If your OSes, software, applications, and security software are not up-to-date, it would be a piece of cake for any cybercriminal to steal your sensitive data. The world of technology keeps evolving at a fast pace, and unless you keep up with the upgrades, your organization will be under constant threat.

4. Always be Prepared for Attacks

Life doesn’t always go the way you want. Hence, it’s best to have a Plan B and prepare yourself for the possibility of a cyberattack on your organization. This way, you won’t waste precious seconds struggling to figure out the next step.

Organizations spending millions on cybersecurity are not exempt from security breaches. So, as long as you have firewalls to alert you of unusual activities, it becomes easier to manage the situation.

5. Restrict Data Access Levels

The best way to prevent any cyber-attack from within is to stop all employees from accessing sensitive information. Multiple levels of security checks, frequent password changes, and security questions make it harder for any unauthorized person to gain access to the data without any hurdle. This ensures that no employee can deliberately leak any information and put the organization at risk.

6. Improve Your Password Protection

Improve Your Password Protection

Password protecting all employee and customer details, financial details, business dealings, and other crucial information is the primary cyberattack preventive measure any organization needs to take. However, figuring out one layer of security would probably take a decent hacker less than a minute.

According to researchers, the most common passwords of 2020 were ‘123456’, ‘password,’ ‘111111’, ‘123123’, etc. Pretty lame, right? Despite knowing the security risks behind such predictable passwords, people keep on using the same ones repeatedly.

Hence, the best solution is to create a strong password with a good mix of upper case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters.

7. Secure the Network

If the door to your house is wide open, burglars are sure to see it as an open invitation to steal your valuables. The same principle applies to the network you use. Unless you put a lock and key to secure your network using firewalls, it is always under the constant threat of cyberattacks. Moreover, using public Wi-Fi or connective over any public unsecured network for any crucial financial transaction might lead to a data breach.

8. Stay up-to-Date with Cybersecurity Updates

Technology is evolving rapidly, and unless you want to fall behind, it is crucial to keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the world of cybersecurity. Companies are constantly releasing newer patches, better upgrades, and more affordable security systems every few months to make it easier for everyone to protect themselves from online theft.

9. Keep Your Computer Up-to-Date

Outdated hardware is a liability due to its inability to support newer security upgrades. Hence, if you plan to dispose of the older hardware, ensure to destroy any removable storage media, such as hard drives, USBs, pen drives, DVDs, and CDs.

10. Thoroughly Investigate New Employees

The selection of dependable and trustable employees plays a crucial role in preventing intentional data breaches from within. Therefore, when you hire any new employee, take some time to do background research and check for past criminal offenses.

Summing It Up,

Preventing a cyberattack isn’t as simple as solving your essay troubles using an essay typer tool. Unfortunately, no free resources can act as a shield between malicious hackers and your organization’s sensitive information. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go into debt and spend thousands of dollars on cybersecurity. Instead, it is best to dig deep into searching for affordable vendors who can provide affordable yet quality cybersecurity measures.

In the ever-evolving world of cybercrimes, the sooner you improve your cybersecurity plans, the better. No criminal is going to wait for you to put a lock on your door before trying to break in. So, start with these smart tips and ease your way into preparing for any eventual online attack on your organization.


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