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Organic Search

As an agency, we constantly find that the clients who enjoy the best success in search understand and appreciate that there is no overnight fix. We often liken the process to learning a language – there is no way to do it in a week or a month, but instead you have to keep at it constantly for several months to see substantial and worthy gains.

Our campaigns involve rolled up sleeves, monthly brainstorming sessions, whiteboard pen noises, constant dialogue and copious amount of coffee, as we don’t only learn about you and your team, but also about your target audience and how to meet them the best way as they search online.

On-Page Optimisation

The first step is to look under the hood of your site and make sure it delivers the right experience for both searchers and search engines. On-page is where we look at everything to do with the code and make-up of your site, from the code in the pages to the responses we receive from your servers.

Our Engineers audit your site against hundreds of signals related to the code, server set-up, content and architecture, providing detailed information about the why behind our recommended changes and a thorough work list based on your individual site.


Once we’re sure that your site is working properly, we look at how well you communicate to both site users and search engines. Are you, for instance, relating yourself more with the term ‘click here’ then your products or services?

Is the content which explains exactly what you do invisible to search engines and therefore not helping you to relate you to your key terms? Our team will look at your search query targets in terms of topic and where they fit in your customers’ conversion cycle, ensuring that you maximise relevance and appear for the terms that get conversions.

Content Marketing

Search engines use your brand’s footprint throughout the web as a means of determining how authoritative and trustworthy you are. By footprint, we mean the places on the web where you have left your mark on, or more particularly from where you have a link.

Here at YODA, we earn links for our clients through improving their offering and contribution online. Typically, this will involve us creating content to contribute to the web, which we then bring to market and solicit links back to.

For more information about our link building services, why not give us a call on 0203 478 7421 or complete our contact form and one of our experts will be happy to give you a call and discuss further.

SEO Fact
makes business sense: SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate


Bowel & Cancer Research has worked with Yoda London since March 2012. They are helping with both our social media and web site presence. I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm that they bring to the relationship as well …

By using strategic white hat linking practices to improve site relevancy Yoda London have been instrumental in our SEO campaign. Thanks to their hard work we have seen clear progress in our long-term strategy.

“Having worked with members of the YODA team for over 6 years now, I am confident in their ability to help us get to and maintain the positions we sent for them.”

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