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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Often our customers will come to us and explain that their traffic levels are doing well but they are just simply not making enough money.  We typically look in to where their traffic is coming from, are the people landing on their site likely to want to convert and how best to either generate traffic from other sources or make the most of what they have.

Once we have determined we are creating the right kind of traffic, we then look to reasons why visitors may not convert. Through crowd sourcing, testing and making a series of amends, we gather data on what happens when the average customer lands on your page and use that information to schedule a list of changes….that in a nutshell is how we approach improving your site’s ability to convert!


Analytics is at the heart of everything we do in CRO, as the data informs the choices we make.  We use a range of analytics platforms to measure every aspect of a user’s journey throughout your site, which is then used as a means of assessing the effects of the changes we are making.  Through the use of funnels, goals and site usage data, we are able to monitor every interaction with and visit to your site, which can then be monitored and assessed in order to determine opportunities for improvement.

Page Layout Software

The layout of you page can direct or distract your site users, causing either a spur to convert or a reason to abandon.  As part of your campaign we will gather information relevant to where the attention of your site users gravitates towards on a page, which is used to determine the motives behind site users not converting.  Through the use of heat and eye mapping software, as well as through working with our crowdsourcing partners (who allow us to monitor the screens of live site users and listen as they try to negotiate throughout the site), we are able to understand how the page is experienced and what is distracting your customers from clicking on that check-out button.

Review, Agree and Iterate

The majority of our conversion rate optimisation clients continue indefinitely, as often the return shown through our campaigns pay for their fee and result in an improvement to their bottom line.  At the end of each batch of testing they are presented with the results from the campaign and our proposed next iteration of changes.  Because there is no such thing as a site which converts 100% of the time, our work continues indefinitely, allowing us to continue to improve the bottom line of our clients websites.

When you invest time, effort and money in attracting traffic to your website, shouldn't you also be ensuring that it's converting as well as it can be?


Bowel & Cancer Research has worked with Yoda London since March 2012. They are helping with both our social media and web site presence. I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm that they bring to the relationship as well …

By using strategic white hat linking practices to improve site relevancy Yoda London have been instrumental in our SEO campaign. Thanks to their hard work we have seen clear progress in our long-term strategy.

“Having worked with members of the YODA team for over 6 years now, I am confident in their ability to help us get to and maintain the positions we sent for them.”

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