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Bowel & Cancer Research has worked with Yoda London since March 2012. They are helping with both our social media and web site presence. I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm that they bring to the relationship as well …

Deborah Gilbert – Chief Executive

“Having worked with members of the YODA team for over 6 years now, I am confident in their ability to help us get to and maintain the positions we sent for them.”

Jonas Witt – Uk Marketing Manager

By using strategic white hat linking practices to improve site relevancy Yoda London have been instrumental in our SEO campaign. Thanks to their hard work we have seen clear progress in our long-term strategy.

Liam King – Project Manager

They are technically very very good, they work hard to understand your industry and react quickly to changes and current trends that can affect your listings to enhance your overall rankings promptly for the long term

Jeremy – Owner of Tileclick


Ensuring your business is not only visible in search engines but also holding prominent positions for the key terms used by your customers is the crucial part of digital strategy. As search engines are becoming more and more intuitive, your approach to SEO has to be more connected with other parts of your marketing strategy.  



Social media allows your brand to distinguish itself and talk personally to your customers while being an integral part of your digital strategy. Through conversing, rewarding, embracing and engaging your target audience, you can build not only fans but also your revenue and visibility continuously.  


design & build

It is important that you don’t have only a nicely designed website but that it’s also logically structured and that it agrees with your overall digital strategy. Our web design and building reflect the needs of a modern, up to date online presence. Every website is user friendly designed to let visitors easily turn into customers.  



Approaching mobiles isn't just taking responsive design into consideration. We work from understanding the motives behind your mobile visitors and offer expertise to improve your mobile search visibility as well as services such as app development. It goes without saying that all of this should be part of a wider digital strategy so it works in consistency with your other online channels.  



It’s not only a healthy amount of traffic heading to your site, which is important. If your website is failing to turn visitors into customers and your Conversion Rate is poor, it affects your revenue and your online presence as well. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation use real humans as part of our tests and modern technologies to ensure your website is performing to the best of its ability.  



Our PPC campaigns, undergone by an expert, are carefully and constantly monitored to assure you that every penny is spent efficiently with focus on ROI. Integral part of our PPC management is reporting so we can continuously improve your campaigns towards better performance.  




Target Marketing

Target marketing – segmentation is crucial……


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